15 February, 2023

Wordnerds joins Launch Pad with their leading software helping housing associations listen more effectively to residents.

Wordnerds are the latest organisation to partner with HACT due to their resident focussed solution to analysis resident data and uncover the resident voice more effectively.

Launch Pad is a HACT initiative that showcases some of the most progressive thinking, products and services with the potential to transform the UK housing sector; we work closely with our Launch Pad partners to bring transformative technologies to housing associations that can improve the lives of their residents and communities. Wordnerds are the latest organisation to partner with HACT due to their resident-focused solution to analyse resident data and uncover the resident voice more effectively.

Following the Social Housing White Paper of 2020, there has been a real move in terms of both responsibility and legislation for social housing organisations to be more transparent in their data management. In addition, during this cost-of-living crisis, residents’ needs are greater than ever. This increased challenge in both issues and volume has led to housing associations needing more innovative ways to ensure those that need help get it as quickly and efficiently as possible. But innovative doesn’t have to mean complicated, and HACT have partnered with Wordnerds because their cloud-based text analysis software is not only innovative, but it is also a practical option for the social housing sector to implement right now to start making efficiencies straight away.

“We are delighted to be working with Wordnerds who share our vision of creating capabilities in the sector to be more data-driven and have technology that provides real insights into often complex customer data.

We look forward to working together as housing providers look for innovative ways to drive better efficiencies and outcomes for their organisations and, most importantly, tenants”

Michael McLaughlin

HACT Digital Lead

Wordnerds software can be used to improve tenant satisfaction, find new and emerging trends among residents, or evidence poor contractor behaviour. By working with HACT as part of the Launch Pad platform, data, and resident engagement colleagues from housing associations can be connected with Wordnerds to help them shape the benefits and channels around the needs of residents through automated analysis.

“In a time when housing associations are required to place greater emphasis than ever on the tenant voice, we’re thrilled to be working with HACT to deliver the largest collection of housing-focused AI language models around. Trained on housing data and designed to cater to the priorities of social landlords and the government, the Wordnerds platform will help HAs across the UK implement tenant satisfaction measures with confidence.”

Steve Erdal

Wordnerds Chief Scientific Officer

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