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As our communities become more diverse and face a wider range of challenges, the need to understand them only increases – but how do you start to gain the insight to help effectively tackle these changing needs?

Local data insight is an affordable, web-based tool that uses location-specific data to help you better focus your resources, inform your decision-making and increase your impact.


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The power of Local Data Insight comes from the data within,
and the ability to access and personalise areas, maps and reports
to gain usable insights into people and communities.


Explore Local data Insight - a tool that helps you better understand your communities and uses location-specific data to help you better focus your resources, inform your decision-making and increase your impact.

How does it work?

Containing over 1,000 data indicators, covering themes such as housing, health, communities, education, environment and Census 2021 data, you can filter, manipulate and analyse the latest information to gain invaluable insight into communities.

Customise areas with the map functionality and select from categories and topics to discover more about the make up of a particular community or location.

Generate insightful reports from the maps and Liveboards you create, then save or download visualisations and data to share with others in your account or export and use to tell your story.

Understand your neighbourhood

  • From housing to education, health to deprivation – even including Census 2021 data – gain insight across over a 1,000 different indicators
  • Compare against a few or multiple different indicators and start to build up a picture of your community
  • Upload your own data to the platform and bespoke your insight to the local areas which mean something to your organisation
  • Create and share reports on the insights you discover to tell your story

Customise. Visualise. Share.

Create, segment and customise your own areas down to hyper locality of LA, MSOA and LSOA levels

Generate maps to visualise and understand your local communities

Share your customised areas and insight across your team

One subscription, unlimited users across your organisation

  • Create one account and invite others from across your organisation to create and personalise their own Liveboards
  • Share the areas, maps and insight you’ve discovered, about the communities you care for, with your team
  • Present your findings live from the platform to update in meetings and discussions and discover new insight as you talk

A powerful tool for housing associations

Deliver targeted services and support

Utilise as a planning tool to understand the where to prioritise investment and resource to deliver targeted services and community interventions to your residents and communities

Understand the impact you make

See the impact you have had on your local area over time, use to support and understand tenant satisfaction measures or inform your  social value strategy and understand the impact you have delivered

Inform strategic decision-making

Upload your own data and use as a reporting tool against strategic KPIs, support your risk mitigation e.g. flood mapping, vulnerable residents or understand the energy efficiency of homes to deliver targeted retrofit activities

Invaluable insight for the
Built Environment

Access local data to improve local need

Social value and procurement is starting to hit a new stride – use the tool to the benefit of your procurement, services plans and the community who will benefit:

  • Bids and tenders – Maximise the effectiveness of your tender response by scoping out the community to ensure the proposed development area meet their specific needs
  • Procurement – Use datasets such as level of education, training and employment and use that insight to link your procurement to effectively deliver your social value
  • Strategic KPI’s – Upload your own data and use as a reporting tool against strategic KPIs

Informed service delivery for
Local Authorities

Insight to drive local community impact

Understanding your community is key to delivering results that have positive effects on your residents and the wider community. Using data sets that help you to understand available local health services and identify at risk residents, can help ensure you are targeting the right people, at the right time, and with the right message.

  • Decision-making and budgeting  – Use the tool to give you the insight to focus resources and services in the areas where they are needed most
  • Understand needs and health inequalities – Utilise the different data sets and create your own liveboards focusing on key indicators to understand the health inequalities across your area
  • Track the impact on communities over time – Upload your own data and compare against data within the platform to track how your intervention has improved the lives of those in your area

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We know that using a new tool can take time, that’s why we’re here to support you. Our team are on hand to provide training for you and your colleagues to make sure you are using it as effectively as possible for what your organisation needs. Our platform also hosts handy support guides and how-to videos to get you started.

As always, if you have a specific question or query, you can simply get in touch and we’ll help you out!

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HACT and NHC social value conference 2024

We recently held our tenth HACT and NHC Social Value Conference!

Topics included;

  • Maximising social value: how we can go beyond ticking the box
  • The importance of evidence: moving towards a social value assurance framework
  • The future of social value and procurement
  • Social value, social housing and the residents’ perspective: a conversation

We’ve compiled all the recordings and resources for you to access at your leisure, check them out and don’t forget to share them with a colleague!

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