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Data is critical to the future of social housing. But actually creating a data-driven organisation is no easy task. As a champion of digital innovation in social housing, with our latest thinking and  technologies we can help transform your data management.

A mainstay challenge across the sector, and a resource drain, has been data quality and data integrity, with estimated 25-30% of all resources currently engaged in recording, collating, and cleaning and re-keying poor data.  Achieving improvements may be a long-term process but HACT have developed the UK Housing Data Standards Standards to give housing providers, software providers and contractors principles and structure to work to which are commonly ratified and with adoption can lower the cost of management of data, improve implementation of new systems and software, and reduce time of integration and delivery.

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UK Housing Data Standards

The UK Housing Data Standards aim to support the housing sector to improve its data and overcome current challenges by increasing data governance, improving performance and streamlining regulatory reporting in social housing. Individually, housing providers can use the Standard to inform transformation programmes including in designing new processes and creating interfaces between systems, contractors, and customers.


Data standards are the overarching principles of a data architecture which enables us to uniformly describe data components and processes.

HACT has pioneered the creation of the UK Housing Data Standards, working with international data standards agency OSCRE and over 70 organisations to create a suite of data standards that speak to the business of our sector.

Data Self assessment tool

Understand your organisation’s readiness to become data-driven

Accessed via HACT’s online platform’s digital channel, the free tool takes you through a series of simple questions so you can gain an understanding of your organisation’s current use, management and level of control and provides a personal action plan to transform and optimise your use of data.

The questions and action plan focus on the key areas of; Strategy, culture, process, systems, customers and assurance. 

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Digital and Data Services

The UK Housing Data Standards provide your organisation with a long term and sustainable tool to successfully embed effective data across your organisation. Our services support the development and implementation specifically for your organisation. Implementing the UKHDS is a transformational activity, and HACT’s experience, expertise and insight from developing the standards and, our experience in supporting housing associations with implementation, can help you through.


What does the data currently look like in your organisation?

Following royal accent of the Building Safety Bill becoming law, HACT recommends carrying out a two days of discovery support, for us to advise on the building safety process to date, how this has been interpreted across the sector, and making recommendations on alterations to your current architecture in preparation for the law coming into effect. This discovery will take place through online meetings and document reviews where necessary.


Developing your organisation's golden thread of data

Following the publication of more details by Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities regarding the Building Safety Bill and Golden Thread of Data, HACT we can provide support to ensure your strategy can be successfully and logically implemented across your organisation.


Your data becomes business as usual

The culture of being a data-led organisation is key to the success of your strategy. Ensuring individuals know the requirements in their area and developing skills across the organisation to ensure a consistent understanding is the difference in being data-drive. We can support with training and development to help you achieve this next level.

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We never stop searching for what’s next, partnering and showcasing the most progressive thinking, products and services with forward-thinking organisations that have the potential to transform the UK housing sector.

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Smart homes

We believe that investing in smart homes is a critical step towards achieving a data-driven future. Smart technology in social housing lets you manage and maintain your assets more effectively, while empowering residents.


Building safety

The investment the social housing sector is making into building safety is huge. Data will be at the heart of this process and the UK Housing Data Standards will enable social housing organisations to make building safety a reality in the future.

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