16 August, 2022

Invest in IoT for better stock management

HACT’s Launchpad has highlighted the increasing role that IoT can have in better measuring and supporting the management of social housing stock.

Written by HACT Digital Lead, Michael Mclaughlin 

This should not purely focus on measuring performance and compliance for the more efficient long-term sustainability of the assets – but on improving customer outcomes for the tenants who live within. We know that investment in social housing reduces poverty, improves health, and drives economic growth, and with a continued focus on the quality and liveable standards within good homes, it is vitally important for social housing organisations to ensure they are doing all they can to provide the level of quality that tenants deserve, and that provides these outcomes.

An opportunity to understand the bigger picture

There are great examples of where IoT is being used across the sector to ensure compliance and safety, particularly through fire and carbon monoxide protection; however, not only is this focusing on a snapshot in time view of compliance, but it also misses an opportunity to capture wider data that can tell us more about the changing conditions of the property.

Implementing tech that reduces the number of home visits required, in turn reducing the resourcing and availability of qualified technical staff to access the property. This does however approach one of the hurdles that social housing organisations require to climb; creating a viable business case for IoT installs.  This can be most successfully done by having a complete understanding of the efficiency savings and the tenant outcomes, and doing so requires data. By collecting data that flows into one centralised system, social housing organisations can have clearer evidence of asset performance, prioritised repairs, and the efficiency of their resources.  This clearly provides the type of compliance assurance required but can also provide the type of data that supports early prevention to building safety and tenant wellbeing.

A proactive solution that can make a difference

As many of the media stories focusing on social housing swing from mould and damp issues to building safety and back again, the sector needs tech that can support improvement in the management of both and can provide data that tells us where issues are not only arising but are most likely to do so.

Launchpad partner Vericon have recently published a Disrepair Whitepaper which explores the level to which damp and mould are the largest drain on social housing resources.  Following this research, they have added a solution that not only measures the conditions that damp and mould spores begin to grow in but removes the need for costly and delayed installation; true early intervention can be achieved.

To Download Vericon’s White Paper – click here

Vericon’s Surveyor Cube

Everything you need to monitor in-property temperature and humidity conditions, allowing you to see what is really going on immediately, requiring no specialist installation.

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