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Measure your social value

Effectively measuring the benefit your organisations outputs bring to residents and communities is the holy grail for all housing organisations. That’s where we can help. We’ve been pioneering social value – also called social impact – since 2012.


We can help you understand the impact your work has on the people who matter most and support you in transforming how you, and the entire social housing sector, work.

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Improve your data excellence

Putting data at the heart of your organisation drives better, faster, and smarter decision making, for your residents and your business. We’ve been championing the importance of digital innovation in the social housing sector for years.


We can support you to become a data-driven organisation that is plugged into the latest thinking on digital developments across the social housing sector and beyond, from data standards to new technologies.

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Your work with communities

Your social purpose matters and you want to maximise the impact you have in creating sustainable lives and places. By sourcing new tools or technology, sharing best practice and enabling cross-sector partnerships you can continually improve and develop your work in neighbourhoods and with local communities.


We are passionate about Community Investment – championing and celebrating the impact it has across the UK .through insight-led products and services that encourage innovation and foster collaboration.

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Connect health & the housing sector

The connection between health and housing has never been higher on the agenda. There is no doubt on the positive impacts successful housing initiatives have on health outcomes as part of the pathway. From mental health discharge to rehabilitation through to workforce challenges – collaboration, learning and support is key to the success of integration between the two sectors.


We have a wealth of experience with NHS Trusts to integrate services as well as providing strategic support to housing associations in planning their future provisions through integration.

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Research and insight

Data creates insight, but that’s just the first part of the puzzle. The next challenge is how to use what you now know to make better-informed decisions that transform your organisation and the lives of residents and communities?


We’re here to help you convert your data into actionable business insights that enable you to make service improvements and innovations that add greater value.

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Supporting business change

For us all, change is a constant. That’s the only way that we, as a sector, can continue to meet the ever-shifting demands of today’s residents and communities.


At HACT, we understand business change and the ideas, innovations and expertise we bring to the table can enhance every step of the change management process.

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