24 August, 2022

Why and how housing associations should focus on their data strategies

HACT Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin and our Launch Pad partner Ilumar’s Jon Gould share their thoughts with Social Housing on the importance of quality data.

Jon refects on Illumars experience with housing associations in developing data solutions and Michael reflects on HACT’s involvement in the Golden Thread Working Group, advising BRAC committee following the Hackitt Review and his involvement with housing associations to explore some of the challenges faces by the social housing sector in bringing data up to scratch and why this should be done with urgency.

They discuss challenges including disparate systems, skill gaps and the culture around data in the sector. The Grenfell Tower Tragedy has underlined the importance  of the golden thread of data and the Building Safety Act ensures this is taken seriously. But this isn’t just about building safety, the quality of data is vital for expected consumer regulation. Collecting and analysing data effectively is fundamental for housing associations.

“With increasing regulation and tech implementation required across the social housing sector to meet better standards of homes, safety and sustainability targets, the importance of the underpinning data and governance of this has never been more important”

Michael McLaughlin

Digital Lead, HACT

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Illumar are working closely with HACT to develop strategies enabling housing providers to take the next step in implementing UK Housing Data Standards. These standards have been developed by housing providers to enable better information, better decisions and to optimize performance.

Illumar are currently looking for organisations to help them to define the application of the HACT UK Housing Data Standards.

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