Social Value in Procurement - embedded from start to finish

With new government legislation requiring procurement projects not only consider social value as part of their process, but ensure it is at the core of decision-making, then understanding its true value is key.

As pioneers in social value development, we know that embedding social value in your processes from beginning to end can seem daunting – that’s why we’re here to help.

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of organisations both from the Housing Sector and beyond –  from procurement specialists and construction firms,  to law firms and consultancy experts, we’ve used our wellbeing approach to going above and beyond what is just required, and help embed, measure and demonstrate the full impact across the whole organisation.

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Social Value is so much more than a figure on a page. It is a commitment to create an impact in everything you do, taking it from transactional to transformational and truly delivering on your social purpose and the difference you can make to individuals.


Andrew van Doorn

HACT Chief Executive

Your questions answered

We’ve collated some of the most common questions we hear when considering social value in procurement, and explain how you can make sure you are maximising your social impact.

Our evolution of person-centred social impact

In 2024, we will be incorporating a new suite of value outcomes into Social Value Insight. They will enable organisation model, monitor and measure the impact of their supply chain activities. These value outcomes can be grouped into seven areas:

  • employment
  • local environment
  • supply chain
  • youth
  • construction
  • homelessness
  • environment

Each outcome will demonstrate the social value to individuals, the Exchequer and the local business. It has been designed for the built environment and supply chain so they can fully demonstrate their transformational impact in local communities.

Coming soon - a our new suite of values designed specifically for the Built Environment.

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Discover Social Value Insight

Model, monitor and measure your impact – all in one place.

Accessed through an app-based platform and built on machine learning, Social Value Insight provides you with the support, advice and insights you need whether you are evidencing your social value for an ESG fund, monitoring the social value created through procurement or looking to improve your community investment services, with the tool you can:

  • measure and manage your procurement projects all the way through, planning in social value from the outset
  • set targets, budgets and project details
  • view all your projects in one place and easily filter to find what you need
  • create meaningful reports that can be easily exported
  • use the learning journeys, bank of topic guidance and support tools to help you on your social value journey

Procurement module - making embedding social value easy

The Social Value Insight tool includes a procurement module as part of your general subscription, so you can manage your social value procurement process, from inviting contractors into the platform to respond to your ITT, to appointment of the successful bid, to embedding into your project – from start to finish.

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Social Value Procurement Case Study: Peabody

Take a look at how Peabody’s Head of Strategic Partnerships and Funding Andrea Purslow, and their Social Value Lead Corin Menuge, have used HACT’s person-centred approach and applied to their procurement and tender processes, bringing contractors on their journey to better understand and quantify the social impact of their activities.

How we can help


What does social value mean to your organisation?

Our discovery report service supports you in creating the right strategy and delivering an organisation-wide approach to social value by assessing your unique aspirations and drivers.


How effectively are you using social value?

Our framework service provides a template from which to begin your social value journey. It ensures your organisation is pointing in the right direction and helps you evidence your impact and improve your services.


Have you applied your social value metrics correctly?

Our certification service gives your Board the confidence that your social value figures add up. We check your data and recommend improvements to the way you measure social value moving forward.


Do you know your overall social impact?

By analysing the data you provide we produce social value reports that let you confidently demonstrate your social value to your Board and other stakeholders.

Health check

How healthy are your processes?

By reviewing your processes and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your methods, we can provide a roadmap to improving your approach to social value.

Procurement advice

Want to maximise the social impact of your procurement spend?

We turn the outcome you want into a procurement framework and provide independent assurance that your contractors are delivering the social value promised.

Social Value
Audit and Certification

Giving you the evidence to confidently demonstrate and communicate the robustness of your Social Value approach to your stakeholders.

Through our expertise, we’ll ensure your data and the application of your social value measurement adds up. Providing a full report, along with the HACT certification stamp of approval, we’ll provide observations and recommend improvements to the way you measure social value moving forward.

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Wherever you are on your social value journey, we can help

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Social value services in action

VIVID: Applying consistency in measuring social value

We were approached by VIVID, Hampshire's largest provider of affordable homeswho faced a problem common to many housing providers: social value wasn't reported on consistently across their organsiation.
Our social value discovery service was able to provide concrete solutions.
Working with VIVID, we held a number of interviews with key heads of service and directors to identify what would help them most and what their current contextual drivers were. We then reviewed this evidence and made practical recommendations to address their needs.
VIVID have since adopted all our recommendations. Their Board have adopted a social value statement and all their service areas are working in a common approach to delivering social value.

EDAROTH: Developing a social value framework

EDAROTH are an affordable housing developer who wanted to understand how they generated social value and how they could link that to their operating environment.

Through a series of tailored workshops bringing together people from across the organisation, we helped identify its unique operating circumstances and the needs of the communities it services.

The output of this process was a social value framework, which is the foundation of any organisation looking to understand, measure and improve its social value.

The framework is helping EDAROTH to understand and measure is social value, using the data to inform business development and drive value for its communities.

Sovini Group: A rigorous certification service

The Sovini Group, a property management company and development group, faced multiple challenges around social value, such as inaccurate reporting and a lack of experience on how to report.
Our certification service offered them solutions. It provided a rigourous MOT of all their key processes around reporting to ensure accuracy and high standards, and made recommendations of how the organisation's approach to collecting social value information could be improved.
Our collaborative approach to information sharing was key. We set up one-to-one dialogues with staff, including the performance team manager, the community investment manager, and the business reporting lead.
After using our service the business and their Board had greater confidence in their systems of social value reporting. They knew they were collecting the right information, that it was accurate and that they were applying wellbeing evaluation in the right way.
The certificate they recieved on completion confirms the robustness and high quality of their reporting standards.

Social Value Conference 2024

Procurement was a key consideration across many of our sessions at this year’s conference, reflecting the importance of procurement decisions in delivering best practise social value.

You can find all the resources from the event and watch sessions here

Social Value Conference 2024

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