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Showcasing some of the most progressive thinking, products and services with the potential to transform the UK housing sector, we work closely with our Launch pad partners to bring transformative technologies to organisations that can improve the lives of their residents and communities.

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Step-change services for delivering decarbonisation (SHDF) and Resident engagement programmes.

A simple, quick way to convert data from your existing systems into outputs.

Specialist provider Vericon Systems have created technologies to support the needs of the social housing sector.

Harnessing the power of language and technology to ensure you hear your residents

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How is customer experience improved by the use of tech in social housing?

In light of new tenant satisfaction measures and increased tech innovations and implementation across social housing, how are we as a sector using these to meet the challenges our customers face and improving their experience as social housing tenants. Watch it again here

Do you have a technology that could transform UK social housing? Get in touch!

Launch Pad can help build your business case for the housing sector and access a market of over four million homes for some of the most innovative and disruptive ideas, products and services on a path to entry into the UK housing sector.

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