Social Value
Audit and Certification

Giving you the evidence to confidently demonstrate and communicate the robustness of your Social Value approach to your stakeholders.

Demonstrating the impact you make, and committing to continuously improve the amount of value you are creating, can only happen if you understand and have the insight of the practices you are implementing.

HACT’s expertise in audit and certification of these practices will gives your stakeholders the confidence that your social value figures add up. We check your data and recommend improvements to the way you measure social value moving forward.


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Why gain certification?

Being able to gain a solid understanding of your social value practice’s, the processes you use and the application across your organisation is a key part of your overall strategy.

Auditing your social value practices and gaining certification allows you to:

  • demonstrate that you are implementing robust systems and practises
  • give stakeholders confidence that you can chart a clear path for improving the way you measure and manage your social value.
  • make informed decisions that can be built into your strategy
  • support in demonstrating your value to external funders and investors
  • understand your true impact and identify further opportunity for wider application to maximise the value you create

How does it work?

We understand that you work hard to deliver social value within your organisation and through your projects, so we make sure we listen and work with you to look at how you measure, monitor and maxmise your impact and help you understand how to deliver even more going forward.


We begin by accessing your data, either through your systems, or via your Social Value Insight account, and take the time talk to you and your colleagues to gain a full understanding.


Next we complete the audit, rating against an extensive and robust set of criteria, reviewing your practices and your application of your measures and calculations.


Finally we complete report and include our observations and recommendations - providing you with the HACT stamp of approval with your certification.

What you'll get

You’ll have the full narrative to be able to tell your Social Value story and demonstrate the impact you make.

You’ll receive:

  • A full audit report showing the review of your approach to measuring social value and your social value calculations
  • Detailed recommendations on how to continuously move forward in further demonstrating your impact
  • The HACT stamp of approval and certification


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HACT and NHC social value conference 2024

For the tenth HACT and NHC Social Value Conference, we’re going big!

Our free, online 2 day event, brings together experts in the latest thinking and innovation to challenge, inform and drive the agenda for social value.

Topics include;

  • Maximising social value: how we can go beyond ticking the box
  • The importance of evidence: moving towards a social value assurance framework
  • The future of social value and procurement
  • Social value, social housing and the residents’ perspective: a conversation


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