UK Social Value Bank

We’re proud to have been pioneers in measuring social value for the past 10 years, through the development of the wellbeing approach with the UK Social Value Bank and calculators, to the hundreds of organisations we have supported through their journey with the services we offer.

The UK Social Value Bank focusses on individual wellbeing as a determinant for social impact. The bank will enable you to measure your social and environmental impact through improvements to wellbeing and savings made to the state, and use the information to:

  • improve services
  • enhance decision-making
  • increase the impact you make

Access the UK Social Value Bank through our platform

When it comes to pioneering – we haven’t stopped at the Bank.
We have replaced our legacy calculator with an online tool – Social Value Insight.

Accessed via the platform, the values can now be easily calculated across multiple projects, from multiple sources making it easier for you to measure your social value and see the full impact you create.


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Demonstrating your social value

Social Value Return on Investment

Create partnerships and invest with the confidence that you're maximising your impact

Exchequer value

The opportunity to add the fiscal benefits to your social impact too

Individual wellbeing

Look beyond the numbers to deliver real evidence of improved wellbeing

Using the wellbeing approach to measure the social value of your organisation’s activities allows you to demonstrate the social impact of your work and understand the difference you make to an individual

What is social value?

Good question – social value is a measurement of the benefits that your services and programmes bring to people and communities.

Since 2012 we’ve been pioneers in helping organisations measure their social impact. Wherever you are in your journey, we can help.

Why measure?

There is huge potential and demand for social value information to be used to enhance and deliver the social purpose of your organisation, including:

Your organisation’s impact on the lives of individuals or your services in general

Responding to requirements of ESG lenders

Responding to tender requirements for development and regeneration schemes

The UK Social Value Bank is built on a coherent and unified approach that operates across complex organisations, supply chains and partnerships.

How to use the bank

The UK Social Value Bank contains a suite of 88 outcomes. Each outcome has a defined financial metric, which incorporates a wellbeing value, a health top up value and, where applicable, an Exchequer value (savings to the state).

The outcomes have been developed using a consistent methodology, using more than eight years of research and national data surveys. The Bank builds on person centred principles, using data on self-reported wellbeing and life circumstances measuring people’s actual experiences. This means that the values for each outcome are based on how they impact people’s lives as they live them.

Wherever you are on your social value journey, we can help

Just starting out?

If you are just starting out in considering social value we have a range of offers including an 'introduction to social value masterclass', a discovery session to develop and align your goals or take advantage of our accelerator toolkit as an accessible way to get started.

Unsure what's next?

You might have a social value approach and already be using the UK Social Value Bank to measure your impact. However, you'll want to make sure you are efficiently monitoring, measuring and then maximising that impact which is where our online tool Social Value Insight can help. Why not book a demo to find out how it could transform your approach?

Taking it further

Looking to embed your social value strategy across your whole organisation? Our team can help you in bespoke training for the whole organisation including senior stakeholders and help you develop a strategic approach to embedding social value in everything you do.

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The UK Social Value Bank in action

An example of some organisations that have demonstrated their social impact with the UK Social Value Bank

Poplar HARCA & Hill Group

The Teviot Estate is a large regeneration project; the UK Social Value Bank has been used to generate significant long-term social value goals.


Sovereign have not only used the UK Social Value Bank to measure their impact but were one of the first investors of the social value roadmap and played an instrumental part in developing the latest values and HACT's online tool Social Value Insight designed to measure and maximise the outcomes from the bank.

Shelter Scotland

13 Scottish Housing Associations are currently using the Bank as part of a longitudinal study with Shelter Scotland into the social impact of affordable and new build housing in Scotland. You can read more about the first phase of this work, a literature review.

What about the old UK Social Value Bank and Calculator?

The previous Bank and calculators have now been replaced by the new UK Social Value Bank and Social Value Insight tool.  The values continue to be free to view for Housing associations and ALMOS. Organisations in these categories can use the values contained within the Bank, but not for commercial purposes, including the resale of the values. To find out how to access them please contact our social value team.

Read the licencing terms here. 

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HACT and NHC social value conference 2024

We recently held our tenth HACT and NHC Social Value Conference!

Topics included;

  • Maximising social value: how we can go beyond ticking the box
  • The importance of evidence: moving towards a social value assurance framework
  • The future of social value and procurement
  • Social value, social housing and the residents’ perspective: a conversation

We’ve compiled all the recordings and resources for you to access at your leisure, check them out and don’t forget to share them with a colleague!

Access recordings and resources


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