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Offering expert training and the perfect introduction with the opportunity to learn from the HACT experts.

Based on years of experience working in the social housing sector and beyond we provide an insight and practical skills in three areas; Social Value, Data in Social Housing and Heath and Housing (Integrated Care Systems) to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to take the next step in your professional journey.

Upcoming Training

An introduction to data in social housing

We're collecting more and more data and constantly hear how important data and using digital tools are, but how confident are you in your skills and knowledge?

This online training, delivered by HACT Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin, helps you unpick the key foundational steps to help social housing staff, regardless of their role, to develop their ability and confidence around data - building a strong foundation in data knowledge, an understanding of how collecting and using good data informs the work you do and how critical this is to the decisions you make and the services you deliver.

An introduction to measuring your social value

We're proud to say that we have supported hundreds of organisations on their social value journey, it is this experience that underpins our half-day webinar. This training is ideal for anyone looking to gain the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to understand the significance of social value, how to implement social value into their work using the UK Social Value Bank and how to demonstrate their social impact across their whole organisation.

An introduction to Integrated Care Systems (ICS)

The link between housing and health is clear and, as both sectors face increasing challenges and pressure, it is imperative that they work together towards common goals. Do you understand how your local Integrated Care Systems (ICS) works? Are you aware of existing programmes and systems that could provide an opportunity for collaboration to the benefit of your residents? This online session delivered by HACT, Chief Executive, Andrew van Doorn, provides you with the context and knowledge you need to understand where opportunities lie and how to position your organisation to make the most of them.

Bespoke Training

Need something specific ?

We can also develop and run bespoke training around your organisation’s specific requirements. This could take the form of an introductory overview or a more in-depth workshop to give those in your organisation the skills they need.

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Self-guided learning

Did you know that we have a dedicated HACT platform housing guides, learning journeys and our online tools?

Our Platform gives you access to a wealth of learning and content around Social Value, Data and Community – It’s free to access and with the content tailored to the interests you select when you register. Even better, it is available anytime at the click of a button, so you can learn at your own pace.


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Watch & listen again

Health and Housing: An overview of the sectors – Andrew van Doorn

HACT, Chief Executive, Andrew van Doorn, gives an overview of recent developments in health that are relevant to the social housing sector as we strive to strengthen the connection between housing and health.

Using Community Insight: How to identify those most at risk during the cost of living crisis

Watch our how-to video to learn how to access and use the cost of living indicator in Community Insight

Understanding GDPR: When can you contact your residents

Charlotte Clayson, partner at Trower’s & Hamlins and a specialist in data protection issues, shares her GDPR knowledge with us and colleagues from across the social housing sector. 

Tool-specific training & support

It’s important to us that you get the most out of the tools you use, so we are happy to offer support for our online services. Whether it’s a refresher demo on specific functions, or training for your wider team – simply get in touch!

  • For Social Value Insight, contact Lara Phelps, Head of Customer Relationships 
  • For Community Insight, contact Arif Islam, Customer Relationship Officer  

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