19 February, 2021

Driving value for residents and communities

CHP, Hillcrest and Yorkshire Housing are the latest social housing organisations to sign up to support the development of HACT’s social value roadmap.

“We’re delighted that CHP, Hillcrest and Yorkshire Housing are joining the social value roadmap, bringing the total number of organisations involved in the project to 35. Their involvement will ensure the values, tools and use cases are applicable and accessible across the sector, regardless of organisational size.

Our ambition is that the roadmap will result in social value becoming a key part of business decision-making, including forecasting, performance measurement and operational excellence, driving value for residents and communities.”

Andrew van Doorn

Chief Executive, HACT

“We’re really proud to support this roadmap for social value in social housing. Social value is vitally important to us at CHP, and we are passionate about creating strong thriving communities and improving the lives of our current and future customers.

We look forward to working with HACT and other partner organisations to help shape social value impact measurement across the housing sector.”

Paul Edwards

Deputy Chief Executive, CHP

“Hillcrest is committed to using social value information to demonstrate good practice, improve the services we deliver and increase the impact we make on the communities in which we work.  The investment in HACT’s social value roadmap will help us to achieve this.

The expanded economic, environmental and wellbeing values apply to all areas of our business and we are excited at the prospect of where this can take us. Being part of the roadmap will also allow us the opportunity to work with, and learn from our peers and like-minded organisations, which can only be of benefit to all parts of Hillcrest.”

Lesley Don

Director of Corporate Services, Hillcrest

“Yorkshire Housing sees HACT’s Social Value Roadmap as a great opportunity to review, explore and enhance our social value offer so it can be used across more Yorkshire Housing services. It will also help us to measure the impact and reach of our services for customers in this ever changing social and economic environment”

James Haigh

Enhanced Tenancy Service Manager, Yorkshire Housing

“The roadmap will enable social housing organisations to measure the social value they generate using an expanded UK Social Value Bank containing environmental values, economic values alongside refreshed and updated wellbeing values.”

Andrew van Doorn

Chief Executive, HACT

Organisations taking part in the roadmap:

HACT is in discussions with over 20 more organisations from inside and outside the social housing sector about their involvement in the social value roadmap.

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We’d love to hear from organisations wanting to join these pioneering organisations in developing the roadmap. Contact HACT Head of Social Impact, James Williams.

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Further information about the social value roadmap, as well as a Q&A session about the roadmap.

About CHP

Based in Chelmsford, Essex, CHP is a locally managed and governed housing association, registered as a Community Benefit Society. Established in 2002 to deliver its core social purpose of meeting housing need by providing homes for rent and sale, CHP owns or manages over 10,500 homes and provides services for over 25,000 customers across the eastern region. In the financial year 2019-2020 CHP completed over 32,000 repairs and modernised nearly 1,000 homes. The organisation let 961 properties in the 2019-2020 financial year and built 375 new homes. Most of its new homes are for affordable rent whilst others are for shared ownership and open market sale.

www.chp.org.uk (opens in new window)

About Hillcrest

Hillcrest is a large, diverse and continually evolving social organisation which provides housing, care, support, training, skills and employment opportunities throughout Scotland. Hillcrest’s group structure allows each company to work together to make a positive social impact by contributing to improving the quality of life of the people and communities they work with.

Hillcrest consists of Hillcrest Homes, Hillcrest Futures, Hillcrest Enterprises and Hillcrest Maintenance.

www.hillcrest.org.uk/homes/ (opens in new window)

About Yorkshire Housing

We’re Yorkshire Housing by name and Yorkshire is our focus. We want to make it possible for customers to have a place they’re proud to call home. We own and manage nearly 20,000 homes – and are developing thousands more.

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