31 January, 2022

Shelter Scotland: Content & Literature Review

Developing an affordable housing programme, social value evaluation and calculator

The first phase of research commissioned by Shelter Scotland, examining how the social impact of affordable housing is measured, has been published today. 

The review identifies a lack of means to understand the difference accessing affordable housing makes to an individual’s life, as well as an inability to assess the wider social change as people move through homelessness and housing systems.  

The review also suggests that the current system of evaluation is too narrow and should focus on housing as a human right as a way to assess whether needs are being met.  

“This research from HACT is a first step towards building a better system for evaluating the impact of affordable housing and understanding the extent of the work still needed to tackle the housing emergency.  


“While the Scottish Government’s pledge to deliver 110,000 new affordable homes in the next decade is welcome, it’s not enough. 


Decades of neglect and underinvestment have created a situation in which tens of thousands of people in Scotland are denied their basic right to a safe, secure and permanent home.  


“That’s why it’s vital that we’re able to accurately track progress towards ending this intolerable situation. 


Shelter Scotland is delighted to be working with HACT on this important research.” 


Alison Watson

Director of Shelter Scotland

“The Social Value of new socially rented housing is considerable. This research aims to capture value from the perspective of the individuals’ affected and according to their own unique circumstances.

This exciting research with Shelter Scotland will help Housing Associations and Council’s to understand this value as people move into and settle into their new properties. The insights and experiences gathered will not only help make the case for continued  future investment but will provide a data source to improve social outcomes for individuals’ and communities into the future.”

James Williams

Head of Social Impact, HACT

This publication is only the first step of this project with Shelter Scotland which will provide valuable insights into not only Social Housing in Scotland but housing in general across the whole of the UK. We look forward to the findings and the transformation it will bring.

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Shelter Scotland: Context & Literature Review

PUBLISHED: January 2022

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