22 February, 2022

Large scale regeneration with large scale, long-lasting and sustainable social value.

Poplar HARCA embarked on a £600 million regeneration project of Teviot Estate with a commitment to harnessing the power of this spend to ensure the 10+ year programme leverages the maximum social value possible for its residents and the local community. 


The scale and reach of the programme is huge. The regeneration scheme will create 1,700 homes with the possibility of building a further 800. When it comes to social value, the regeneration scheme aims to deliver over £278 million in social value across its 15-year timeline.  

The project started with residents at the forefront, with a ballot for large-scale regeneration of the 500-home Teviot Estate in Poplar. HACT were then appointed to advise Poplar HARCA on how to incorporate social value into the procurement process. We were actively involved in each aspect, including stakeholder management and facilitating Poplar HARCA in prioritizing the themes for the scheme. Following Hill’s appointment as the JV partner, we developed the social value strategy and plan. We will continue to work with the JV partner, providing assurance to the Board on its delivery and measurement, as well as auditing on an annual basis to help monitor the social value during the programme.  


Following extensive consultation with residents, four key themes emerged as priority areas for the Teviot Estate regeneration: Community; Homes; Streets; and Parks. 

We were then able to map twelve outcomes from the UK Social Value Bank to these themes, as per table 1. 


Table 1: four themes with 12 key outcomes mapped against them 

Community   Homes   Streets   Parks  
Full time employment   Afford to keep house well decorated  Not worried about crime   No litter problems  
Apprenticeships  Access to internet    Good overall health 
General training        
Feeling of belonging to a neighbourhood        
Member of a social group       
Able to obtain advice locally        
Go to youth club  



The methodology that sits behind each of the outcome values is consistent: it is based on the most robust evidence available, drawing on insights from large scale surveys, and, critically, is compliant with the HM Treasury Green Book.  

The methodology also ensures each area of the business is using consistent measurements and language. Consequently, the UK Social Value Bank is the ideal tool when embedding social value into every area of a major regeneration project like this. 

To deliver the full £278 million in social value, each contractor will commit to delivering specific outcomes as part of the tendering process. For example, for bids of £50,000-£99,999m contractors’ social value impact will be two commitments from the overall social value input. All consultant and supply chain partners working with the joint venture will be required to state their commitment towards supporting our social value outcomes from the outset within the procurement phase. Once a part of the project, contractors will be required to work with the Teviot Social Value Manager to provide a specific delivery plan which will include training and progress reports.  

To optimize the value for the local community, any local stakeholders will be asked to provide knowledge and learnings about the local community and services. The Community Chest Fund will provide grant funding to local groups and businesses that will contribute to the twelve outcomes of the programme.  

HACT remain involved in the project through assurance, which is an area that is sometimes overlooked in social value contracts. HACT has a representation on the joint venture social value programme board which will oversee social value performance of the joint venture. We will also review performance against social value KPIs throughout the regeneration scheme. Furthermore, if an output shortfall is identified following a review by HACT, the Teviot Social Value Manager must prepare an action plan to Poplar HARCA and HACT within 20 working days setting out plans to rectify and a proposed timeframe. If Hill fail to delivery or implement an action plan, then they face a financial penalty.  

The result  

This is a ground-breaking approach to the use of social value in a regeneration scheme, not only because of the scale of the social value commitment, but also because of how social value has been embedded throughout the regeneration plans, from contractors’ commitments to the assurance process.  


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