12 June, 2021

Black Lives Matter

At HACT, we’ve talked a lot about #BLM over the last week, at work and at home.

We stand with and support BAME colleagues working across the social housing sector, a sector that is particularly well placed to have a positive impact on the lives of BAME communities. A sector whose people and communities have been affected disproportionately by Covid-19.  In talking about #BLM, we’re also reflecting on the way we work, as well as the services we provide. Could we do more? Yes, of course we can, but we will do this through a longer-term commitment and not just as a short-term reaction. HACT is proud of the work we have done in past in supporting BAME housing associations and refugees. But we won’t rest on our laurels. There is much more that we can do and should be doing. Ultimately, our actions will speak louder than words.

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