10 July, 2024

New to Local Data Insight: Helpful reporting dashboards

New reporting dashboards are available to display the most comprehensive data available on the platform.

Arif Islam

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As a user of Local Data Insight, you’ll be familiar with liveboards that display different sets of data, but with over 1,000 data indicators to choose from it might at first feel overwhelming to find the most useful data for your area. You can now view a dashboard for either LA or LSOA areas.

LDI Dashboards

These dashboards are found under the tags:

LA dashboard with tab introducing all the data available in the dashboard

They are available for all levels of areas (LA, LSOA & MSOA) and have been created for users to easily view different groups of data. Just like other liveboards, select the relevant area and view datasets including employment, religion or crime rates. Visualising the data are still over 40 datasets available to view in these dashboards but they have been chosen as the most useful datasets based on how comprehensive they are. Consider this as a starting point for building out your own personal dashboards and getting familiar with the data. We know from experience it can be difficult to visualise the most useful datasets from a list without any context, so when viewing these dashboards you can see a visualisation for every dataset included for the chosen area, and the national data alongside it to help compare.

Consider these dashboards as a starting point to explore the data for your chosen area. When visualised against the national average, some of the data might surprise you or provide insight that had not been considered, so although these dashboards are large they are a great place to explore the information available for your chosen area.

Visualisation of data in LDI dashboard

In addition, to quickly find a piece of data without building out a specific liveboard, we recommend using these dashboards to find that data as the visualisation has already been sent up for you and the information you need can be quickly accessed.

Personalised dashboards

Once you are familiar with these preset dashboards, you can choose the most relevant datasets to create on your personalised dashboards for different projects. These will be saved for future, and can be shared with other members of your team.

Need help?

If you need help with accessing these features or anything else in Local Data Insight you can contact the team who will guide you through it.

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