Step-change services for delivering decarbonisation (SHDF) and Resident engagement programmes.

Social housing providers play a vital role in supporting communities with the cost-of-living crisis, fuel poverty, and all forms of vulnerability. Along with providing this support, they also have a responsibility for implementing the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) to improve their least energy efficient homes within their community.

In partnership with HACT, Healthy Homes Solutions provide core support services to Social Housing Associations who are looking to step change their SHDF and local community programmes.

Healthy Homes Solutions (HHS) provide Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Managing Agents and industry partners with a range of services which help to deliver the decarbonisation schemes such as SHDF and compelling resident engagement focused programmes that focus on welfare, home health, and energy efficient topics targeting impact on Fuel Poverty and vulnerability.

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Healthy Homes Solutions have a wide range of services,
here are a few that support Housing Association’s needs:

Enhancing resident and housing stock data

HHS has a National Households Database with over 28m records, including over 7 million vulnerable homes. This provides the ability to greatly enhance Housing Associations data with additional resident, property, census, DWP and socio-economic data. This total information can benefit Housing Associations in their focus on helping the homes most in need within their community through advanced data analysis, modelling, and prioritisation impact services.

Effective Communication for Maximum Engagement

Healthy Homes Solutions advocates for a resident-first approach, as evidenced by the success of the "VRS & HHS Vulnerability Initiative" case study. This comprehensive profiling, engagement, triage vulnerability program has garnered outstanding results in resident engagement. A copy of the UK Vulnerability insights paper can be found here:

How to use a multi-channel engagement approach

Through a detailed multi-channel engagement program HHS profiles, engages, listens, and triages vulnerable, in-poverty and community support services for your residents. By guiding residents to sign up for eligible support services such as the VRS, PSR, TPS, through to DWP and Retrofit eligibility, we have made the process of registering for these services simple, effective, and accessible to all. These services can be adapted to support specific Housing Association goals.

HHS VRS Initiative

HHS and the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) Initiative funded by Cadent Gas Ltd was launched in 2022. The HHS team provide a triaging service to help residents to easily register for much needed services through a call or registration form. So, if your residents are in the Cadent Gas area – they could be benefitting from this FREE service today. Click here to read more on this free vulnerable resident service:

Compliance and Consultancy Support

In the ever-evolving landscape of housing standards and regulatory requirements, Healthy Homes Solutions have extensive guidance and expertise. Our dedicated team is well-versed in current housing regulations, ensuring Housing Associations remain compliant and ahead of the curve. Beyond mere compliance, we provide consultative insights tailored to the unique needs of each association. This encompasses best practices, strategies for meeting sustainability goals, and bespoke solutions to address challenges.

HHS partners with Housing Associations to support in resolving key issues they face, such as

  • Decarbonisation & Net Zero Goals
  • Financial Challenges
  • Team Expertise & Resources
  • Timeline Challenges
  • Partnership & Collaboration
  • Housing Data Accuracy
  • Resident Communication & Engagement
  • Prioritising Vulnerable Homes
  • Addressing Damp & Mould
  • Social ROI & Community Health
  • Supply Chain Concerns
  • Community Support Initiatives
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With our combined efforts, we can refine and further the application of the HACT UK Housing Data Standards, ensuring that every home in the UK is a step closer to sustainability and holistic well-being.

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