Tuesday 21 March
10:00 — 15:45
Past Event

Data and Digital Conference 2023

With increasing regulations on how we manage, collect, and use data to inform our work in the social housing sector, it is not just data analysts that need the knowledge and skills around using data, but all of us.

Data regulations range from building safety to GDPR, and it can be overwhelming when we don’t know where to start, or what ‘good data’ means. By standardising how we collect, manage and use data across our organisations, we can simplify and standardise processes to make data work for us. With the endless possibilities of how can we use data, the question is how can we use it in innovative ways to inform our day to day decisions, to the benefit of ourselves, our organisations and residents and the wider community? And, how can we use data to demonstrate the impact we make?

A huge thank you to all the speakers for their time, participation and for sharing their knowledge, insights and experience!

This year's speakers

Session 1: Connie Jennings

Director of Stronger Communities, whg

Session 1: Jo Shields

Sustainability Lead, whg

Session 1: Jon Cocker

Chief Information Officer, Platform Housing Group

Session 2: Abbie Peel

Strategy and Innovation Manager, Home Group (housing association)

Session 2: Mark Cottier

Internal Communication Change Lead, Home Group (housing association)

Session 2: Doug Sarney

Director, MRI Software

Session 2: Graham Bennett

Board member, Illumar

Session 2: Helen Precious

Big Data Consultant, Wordnerds

Wordnerds are holding a webinar on Thursday 30 March 11:00-12:00 on 'How to report customer feedback the way the Ombudsman wants"

Session 3: Duncan Forrow

Key Account Director, Switchee

Session 3: Lee Reevell

Head of Innovation & Architecture, Halton Housing

Session 4: Matthew Gardiner

NED, Complete Technology Group

Session 4: Nathaniel Ray

AD ICT and Digital Transformation, Karbon Homes

Session 4: Scott Edgar

Information Governance and Data Quality Manager, Karbon Homes

Session 5: Tanya King

Head of Customer Engagement & Inclusion, Stockport Homes Group

Session 5: Thomas Lowe

Head of Policy and Communications, Digital Poverty Alliance

Watch & listen again

Data and Digital Conference: Welcome from Michael McLaughlin

HACT Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin opens our first Data and Digital Conference!

Session 1: How data can demonstrate your impact

HACT Head of Services, Frances Harkin, chairs the first session on how you can use data to demonstrate your social and environmental impact!

Session 2: Are you listening to everyone? Data, customer segmentation and customer voice

HACT, Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin chairs the second session covering the importance of customer voice and how data can play a role in ensuring your are listening to everyone.

Session 3: Is IoT the solution to damp and mould?

HACT, Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin chairs the second session covering the role of IoT and considering its role in relation to damp and mould.

Session 4: Don’t be scared of data!

HACT, Business Development Director, Matthew Grenier chairs the fourth session ‘Don’t be scared of data!’ unpicking the barriers that people face to embracing data and its benefits.

Session 5: Who is being excluded from digital inclusion?

HACT, Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin chairs the fifth and final session which asks ‘Who is being excluded from digital inclusion?’ and ways of tackling this issue.

Use our free Data Self-Assessment tool

Accessed via HACT’s online platform’s digital channel, the free tool takes you through a series of simple questions so you can gain an understanding of your organisation’s current use, management and level of control and provides a personal action plan to transform and optimise your use of data. The questions and action plan focus on the key areas of; Strategy, culture, process, systems, customers and assurance.

Book a free consultation with Michael

Not sure how to get started, or what is the next step on your data and digital journey? Book a free 20 minute consultation with our Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin so we can understand where you are at and what you need to do to get you on your way to achieving your goals!

Download the UK Housing Data Standards

Developed by the sector, for the sector – The UK Housing Data Standards aim to support the housing sector to improve its data and overcome current challenges by increasing data governance, improving performance and streamlining regulatory reporting in social housing. Individually, housing providers can use the Standard to inform transformation programmes including in designing new processes and creating interfaces between systems, contractors, and customers. Data standards are the overarching principles of a data architecture which enables us to uniformly describe data components and processes.

You can download the standards in their individual parts or as a whole.

An introduction to data in social housing

It isn’t just our colleagues in data roles that are using, collecting, and analysing data, but a wide range of us, and as a sector we collect more and more data about our tenants and the properties in which they live every day.

In order to mange this successfully and make better decisions based on the needs of the tenants, and to report on this effectively; how we understand, collect and use this data is of increasing significance.  

Our online introduction to data in social housing training is ideal for anyone looking to build a strong key foundation to develop knowledge, ability and confidence around data.

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Not sure where you are on your data journey?

Knowing where to start or what is the next step you need to take can be overwhelming, get in touch with our Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin

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