13 December, 2015

Social Sustainability: A white paper for Your Housing Group

Social housing providers often discuss the various functions they perform beyond the core provision of housing. These often include debt advice, support to help their tenants get into employment, volunteering opportunities, care and support services for vulnerable tenants, as well as working closely with other local service providers on a range of other activities for local communities. Housing providers strive to build communities that are strong and vibrant, as well as communities where people want to live (and want to continue living), where people forge ties with their neighbours, where people are included, where they feel a sense of pride and ownership, and where people invest (and feel invested) in their own neighbourhoods.

A key question for social housing providers is therefore centred on the notion of creating socially sustainable communities. The purpose of this paper is to clarify the concept of social sustainability so that housing providers will be able to determine (from a position informed by evidence) the elements of social sustainability they can positively affect in the neighbourhoods and communities in which they work. We will explore the ways that social sustainability is defined in different contexts, the ways that it can be applied, and the elements to consider when curating socially sustainable communities, as well as potential metrics for measuring social sustainability.

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Social Sustainability: A white paper for Your Housing Group

PUBLISHED: December 2015

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