15 February, 2021

Driving social value through employment

Between October and December, social housing organisations representing 20% of the sector supported over 4,500 residents into employment, training or volunteering, creating over £12.6 million in social value in the process.

Our latest impact measures evidence the positive impact that social housing organisations continue to have across the UK. Between March and December 2020, social housing organisations made over a million welfare calls provided £2,25 million in direct financial support, and supported over 250,000 residents with advice and guidance.


“The support to residents around employment, training and volunteering is particularly noteworthy, as it underlines how social housing has adapted its services to meet the needs of local residents and communities. In supporting over 4,500 residents, these organisations have also created over £12.6 million in social value.”

Andrew van Doorn

Chief Executive, HACT

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