8 August, 2022

The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment - July update

Cost of living event, resilience projects, networks and more

The Centre Discusses: The cost of living crisis

As residents feel the impact of rising costs, HACT and The Centre for Excellence in Community Investment invited speakers from Hyde Foundation and MRI Software to discuss key themes with colleagues from across the sector. You can read a summary of the discussions across the following five key themes:

  1. How to identify those in poverty
  2. Fuel poverty
  3. Food scarcity
  4. Impact on mental health
  5. Digital / data exclusion

You can watch and listen again to the main session and read a summary of each of the topic discussion here.


What happened across our networks in May & June

We have 10 geographic networks and 4 thematic networks which meet regular to explore a wide number of topics, if you’re interested in joining one, you can check them out here.

We will be sharing a monthly update of the conversations and key themes across these networks, you can read the latest one here. Each network meeting is open to anyone in the sector who thinks they would benefit from being involved.

Measuring resilience

As the cost-of-living crisis worsens, social landlords need to be even more aware of how changes such as increases in energy bills or rent rises impacts their residents.

Our aim is to create a Resilience tool that will allow landlords to model how changes such as these impact residents across a range of indicators, such as financial resilience or health and wellbeing. Armed with this additional information, landlords will be able to make more evidence-based decisions about issues such as increasing rents or where to target additional support.

We are currently looking for support from the sector for the next phase of this project, if this is something you would be interested in you can find out more here.

Watch & listen again – The Racial Equality Group: In conversation with Marvin Rees

Watch the recent event with Marvin Rees who discusses racial inequalities, his own experience from corporate experience into politics and his advice for more diversity in housing associations.

Interesting reads

Clarion Impact Report

Clarion Futures share their recent support asking ‘How do Housing Associations understand and demonstrate the impact or success of their community centres for their residents and communities?’ Download the full report here.

Digital poverty in social housing

Hyperoptic launched their white paper at Housing 2022. A piece of sector-wide research that draws on a literature review survey with thought leaders and technology providers, to consider the impact of digital poverty in connected communities.

PUBLISHED: June 2022

AUTHORS: Hyperoptic

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