25 August, 2018

Rethinking Customer Insight: Moving beyond the numbers

Customer satisfaction is the Holy Grail of the social housing sector. Headlines are made by it. Bonuses are paid by it. And objectives are driven by it.

In a sector where choice isn’t an option, customer satisfaction provides a comfort blanket measure of efficiency. Everyone buysinto it. Everyone does it. Everyone knows, however, that it isn’t telling the whole story.

Over the past decade, many have been searching for the silver bullet, in the form of a more sophisticated methodology that reflects the diversity of our service offer.

This research has been part of that process. Our findings should, however, signal the end of that search, not because we’ve discovered the silver bullet, but because we think there is no silver bullet.

Our findings highlight two key issues for the future of customer satisfaction:

The approach you take should depend on your organisational priorities. You shouldn’t expect a one-size-fits-all model to work for you, just because it works for another housing association down the road.

Rather than a new model for customer satisfaction, we’re proposing a new approach:

Data is at the centre of this approach, whether in the data we collect from our customers on a daily basis, or the data we have about our customers.

But this is more than just a story about data: it’s about how we turn the data we collect into the information we need to deliver the actionable insights to drive business transformation. If the social housing sector wants to rethink customer satisfaction, then it needs to move beyond the numbers by adopting a new approach to its relationship with its data, and with its customers.

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Rethinking Customer Insight: Moving beyond the numbers

PUBLISHED: August 2018

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