7 June, 2022

Methodology Note for Exchequer Values

The HACT Social Value Bank (SVB), first published in 2014, provides social value estimates for almost 100 outcomes across 11 different outcome categories.

In addition to re-estimating the wellbeing values, this update to the SVB aims to supplement this analysis with the incorporation of new dimensions, including exchequer values. An exchequer value values the indirect, secondary impacts of an outcome in net fiscal terms to the government in the form of tax receipts, benefit payments and cost reductions.

It should be noted that not all outcomes are associated with a corresponding exchequer value. For example, whether an individual “feels belonging to their neighbourhood” does not have any discernible impact to the government, and thus does not have a corresponding exchequer value. Therefore, each outcome within the existing SVB was initially assessed for the intrinsic existence of an exchequer value, before assessing the feasibility of estimation. A small number of outcomes do not have associated exchequer values in the SVB due to a lack of robust methodological approaches and data limitations.

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Methodology Note for Exchequer Values

PUBLISHED: January 2022

AUTHORS: Simetrica Jacobs

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