7 June, 2022

Methodology Note for Deadweights

HACT’s Social Value Bank (SVB) provides housing associations and local authorities throughout the UK with a methodologically consistent toolkit to accurately measure their social impact using best-practice methodology endorsed by HM Treasury1, most notably the Wellbeing Valuation approach.

The deadweight figures source is now available. Deadweight refers to what would have happened anyway in the absence of an intervention – by incorporating deadweights, this ensures that only the additional social value created by the user of the SVB is calculated. The deadweight figures are being re-estimated since the previously used UK government source is now dated and is unlikely to accurately reflect true deadweight figures.  Download the methodology note below for more detail on deadweights and the updates that have been made.

Publication download

Methodology Note for Deadweights

PUBLISHED: January 2022

AUTHORS: Simetrica Jacobs

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