7 October, 2020

SFHA and HACT launch social value toolkit for Scotland

SFHA and HACT have created a social value toolkit that gives housing associations and co-operatives the practical resources they need to measure, demonstrate and increase the social value impact of their work in communities.

“The social value toolkit brings together practical resources designed specifically for the Scottish social housing sector so it can demonstrate its social value.”

Andrew van Doorn

HACT Chief Executive

Andrew continued,

“The sector already generates significant economic and social benefits for Scotland and its people, including reducing poverty and homelessness, improving health, and creating jobs. This toolkit will enable Scottish housing associations to better evidence that impact.

In conjunction with the SFHA Impact Manifesto, the aim is for the toolkit to be part of the process for the sector to continue to develop good practice and disseminate shared learnings and outcomes.”

“The impact of housing associations and co-operatives’ work goes far beyond ‘just’ delivering housing – they help to create sustainable and resilient communities. Through their building programmes, as well as their wide range of services, social landlords help the Scottish Government to meet its policy objectives in health and social care, poverty, homelessness, an ageing population, employment, fuel poverty, and inclusive growth.”

Sally Thomas

SFHA Chief Executive

Sally said:

“The social and economic contribution of housing associations and co-operatives will be more important than ever in Scotland’s recovery from the pandemic.

“This toolkit is a simple, practical resource which we have designed with and for our members, to help them measure, understand and drive up their impact in local communities.  When brought together, this data will demonstrate to communities, government and lenders the significant economic and social returns from investment in social housing and inform decision-making to ensure that investment at all levels and in all ways has the greatest impact.”

The launch of the social value toolkit follows the publication of The Impact of Social Housing: Economic, Social, Health and Wellbeing, a report written by HACT and the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), Public Health Scotland, and the Rural and Islands Housing Associations Forum (RIHAF).

The report demonstrated how Scottish housing associations and co-operatives can measure the social and economic value of their work and how this aligns with the Scottish Government’s National Performance Framework. The report shows that the work social housing organisations do with their residents and communities has significant social value impact at both a micro and macro level.

The toolkit was produced by HACT and the SFHA Impact Project Team, as part of the Innovation and Future Thinking Programme.

“Working alongside partners in the Scottish Government, HACT, and member organisations, we are delighted to produce a toolkit to enable social housing providers to measure and increase the level of impact they have right across the country.”

Michael McLaughlin

Social Insight Lead, HACT Scotland

Michael, who was instrumental in developing the tool went on to say,

“Building on some great work since launching the Impact Manifesto, we have looked at the core indicators of impact, and provided the building blocks to enable these to be measured and developed by our members.”

“The toolkit is an easy to use, straightforward introduction to social value for staff members across SFHA member organisations which is based on wellbeing approaches to measuring impact. It will help to deliver real benefits and opportunities to communities, give practical methods of measuring and demonstrating social value created within social housing providers, generate more social value for tenants, and plan and evaluate the community benefits and social value generated through supply chain and procurement process.”

In order to demonstrate the impact you are making, show the additional value of social housing, and illustrate the ways in which you are contributing to a healthier and happier Scotland, we will be hosting a webinar on Demonstrating and Measuring Your Impact: Overview of SFHA’s Social Value Toolkit, on 21 October.

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