16 April, 2021

The Scotland Social Housing Fuel Support Fund goes live

The Scotland Social Housing Fuel Support Fund is an opportunity for Scottish housing associations to help tenants who are struggling with the cost of their energy bills, providing them with energy and cash vouchers.

HACT is distributing £375,000 of the fund on behalf of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) until mid-May 2021.


The Scotland Social Housing Fuel Support Fund is an emergency fund, introduced and funded by the Scottish Government. The fund recognises the additional burden the coronavirus pandemic is having on many households, who may struggle to pay their fuel bills due to loss of income, increased fuel use, and other challenges brought about by the past year.


The fund is an opportunity for Scottish housing associations to help their tenants and provide them with fuel and cash vouchers, redeemable at Paypoint and Post Office locations.


HACT is working with voucher provider Charis and its Let’s Talk Shop portal to make access to these vouchers quick and easy.


HACT and Barrhead Housing Association are the grant holders. HACT will receive and administer the grant funding, design and deliver reporting and allocation processes, and take responsibility for quality assurance, and programme monitoring.


The fund is available to anyone living within a Scottish Registered Social Landlord (RSL) property who has accrued fuel debts or is struggling to make their fuel payments.


SFHA managed and administered the funding on the Scottish government’s behalf through an application process in March 2021. All of the allotted £2m was allocated during this time.


HACT’s funding allocation is a partnership bid, led by Barrhead Housing Association in collaboration with 33 other Scottish Registered Social Landlords and Charis Grants.


Vouchers should be allocated by 14th May 2021, in line with the wishes of the Scottish Government.


Any RSL operating in Scotland can register with HACT to access the funding.

“This is an important opportunity for our sector to work collaboratively to make a vital difference in the lives of residents who’ve been hardest hit by the pandemic. Through this fund, we also hope to raise the profile of all of the additional support community investment and financial inclusion teams provide across the UK. The fund should give housing associations and their residents additional help at a time when resources are the most stretched.”

Robert Sugden

Head of Communities at HACT

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