27 September, 2022

Measuring resident resilience amid the cost-of-living crisis: Housing Digital

As we prepare to launch our new Resident Resilience tool ahead of schedule, HACT Managing Director, Jacqui Bateson spoke to Housing Digital to share more about the project and how the cost-of-living crisis turbocharged its development.

This year, we’ve been working hard developing a framework to understand and measure resilience in social housing, however, the cost of living crisis has meant the need for the tool to be able to gain insight into the resilience of residents is immediate.

The first iteration of the Resilience Insight tool will enable housing associations to understand the impact of different levels of rent rises on the resilience of their residents, on their rental income and on future service demand.

Following conversations with colleagues from across the sector in June and July, we decided to accelerate the development and build of the first module of the Resilience Insight tool.

This will focus on the financial resilience of residents, enabling HAs to model and understand the impact of different levels of rent rises on their residents. As well as enabling HAs to understand the impact of these potential rent rises, it will also provide critical information about the impact on rental income and future service demand.

Jacqui Bateson, HACT Managing Director, has spoken to Housing Digital to share in more detail the work we have already done, how the tool will work and how it links to the cost of living crisis.

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We’ve had a core group (Flagship, Hafod, Settle, Southern Housing Group, Sovereign, and whg), working with us right through our initial research stage. Butf following some immediate conversations with a range of HAs, the need to accelerate became clear. We asked, ‘if we could accelerate the rent increase module, is this something you’d be interested in? And without exception, they said, yes!

Jacqui Bateson

HACT Managing Director

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