4 February, 2021

Driving social value across housing

Charis signs up to support the development of HACT’s social value roadmap.

We are delighted that Charis has signed up to support the development of the social value roadmap. The roadmap will enable organisations like Charis to evidence the impact they are having in communities, so that they can make the right business decisions to maximise that impact.

“Charis’ involvement will ensure the tools and use cases created through the roadmap around, for example, the golden thread between the needs of local communities and investments in local areas, will be applicable to businesses working across the housing sector. The roadmap will enable Charis to further understand their role in the operating models of their clients and how their work contributes to their clients’ social value objectives.”

Andrew van Doorn

Chief Executive, HACT

The social value roadmap was launched in 2020. It was developed by the UK Social Value in Housing Taskforce, which was composed of 17 organisations including leading social housing organisations, the Regulator for Social Housing and international experts in social value.

“Charis is delighted to join forces with HACT and their partners to support the development of a social value roadmap.  Charis’ vision is to support some of the most vulnerable households in the UK through tailored, targeted and meaningful interventions. Understanding the impact organisations can have on the communities they serve and the ability to measure it is key to ensure the right business decisions are made to optimise social outcomes.

Charis brings a wealth of cross sector experience coupled with a deep understanding of the needs of vulnerable people to the programme and the learning we will gain from working with so many great organisations will help us to deliver even greater value to the clients we support in the housing sector and beyond.”

Steve Hayfield

CEO for Charis

The roadmap will help organisations use social value information to improve services, enhance decision-making and increase the impact they make. For organisations looking to work in partnership with the social housing sector, the roadmap will enable them to evidence the impact of their work or proposed work.

HACT is in discussions with over 30 more organisations from inside and outside the social housing sector about their involvement in the social value roadmap.

Those organisations who have signed up to take part in the roadmap include:

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We’d love to hear from organisations wanting to join these pioneering organisations in developing the roadmap. Contact HACT Head of Social Impact, James Williams.

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Further information about the social value roadmap, as well as a Q&A session about the roadmap.

About HACT

HACT partners with organisations across the housing sector to drive value for residents and communities through insight-led products and services encouraging innovation and fostering collaboration.

Our work around social value, community investment and the use of data drive better understanding of the communities they serve and the social impact they have.

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About Charis

Charis was launched in 2003 – with the simple purpose to support those in hardship.

We have come a long way since then and are now the go-to administrator for many essential funds and grants on behalf of major companies, authorities and charities. Our proven processes and highly specialist skills work across all sectors for any client who has complex and regulatory criteria to meet. Each year we process 250,000 individual grant applications and as a result enable households to access £100 million worth of support.

As a family-owned organisation that has been supporting vulnerable customers and households for nearly two decades we understand the challenges that families across Britain face. We are proud of the positive outcomes we make in people’s lives.