21 November, 2022

Across our Centre networks in October 2022

Learn about what was discussed and collaboration across the Centre networks that met up in October.

Adam Chester

HACT Network Lead

The cost of living crisis remains a key theme, and as we come to October and the weather is starting to get colder, organisations are looking ahead to winter and discussing whether and how they are turning community centres into warm hubs, or supporting existing warm hubs in their areas, and whether they are sending out warm packs.

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Scotland Network – 3 October 

The Scotland network hosted a roundtable discussion on the cost of living crisis, which covered the different funds available from Scottish government currently, how organisations are reacting to the rent freeze in Scotland, and a discussion about what support residents are calling for currently, including around warm hubs and how to avoid stigmatising residents when promoting these.

Coming up: next meeting Monday 12th December, 2-3pm, register here

Central Southern Network – 13 October

The Central Southern Network also had a roundtable discussion on the cost of living crisis and warm hubs, sharing information about their offer, for other organisations to learn from. There were also presentations from speakers about their employment and training offers.

Coming up: next meeting date tbc. Contact carol.hardy@abri.co.uk for more information

Community Centres Network – 20 October

 The Community Centres network meeting focused entirely on warm hubs, and there were various presentations and discussions. Libraries Connected spoke about their ‘A Warm Welcome’ report, an invaluable resource for any organisation looks to create a warm space.

Clarion shared about their plans to run a scheme where their partners who run their centres can apply for funds, to turn the centre into a warm space this winter.

HACT shared with the network a map on our Community Insight platform which showed where the community centres of network members are in relation to each other. The network hopes to use this map to spark future collaborations and avoid duplication.

Coming up: next meeting Tuesday 17th January, 1-2.30pm. Register here

Northern Ireland Network – 10th November

Following recent meetings to which establish a collaborative communications campaign around the cost of living crisis and fuel poverty The Northern Ireland network met in November to hear the results of an initial survey with residents about what information they would want from a communications campaign, and start discussions about what would be included in the campaign, and where it would be sent out.

Coming up: next meeting 8th December 3-4pm. Discussing – a PR partner in Northern Ireland will discuss with a group a menu of options for the target communications campaign. Contact adam.chester@hact.org.uk for more information.

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