25 January, 2021

Breyer Group leads the way in social value

We’re delighted to announce that Breyer Group are the first social housing contractor to sign up to HACT’s social value roadmap.

In signing up to the social value roadmap, Breyer has demonstrated its commitment to be at the forefront of social value measurement and implementation. As one of the sector’s leading contractors, their involvement in the social value roadmap will ensure the tools and use cases we develop are applicable across the business of social housing. The roadmap will enable organisations to use social value to make better business decisions, influence and plan for the future, as well as to identify the social value they help to create for social housing organisations.

“We are pleased to partner with HACT and contribute to the development of the social value roadmap, we look forward to the joined-up collaboration with all the organisations taking part.”

Tim Breyer

Managing Director, Breyer Group

The roadmap will enable the social housing sector to use social value information to improve services, enhance decision-making and increase the impact we make. The first meeting of the social value roadmap group is scheduled to take place in January 2021.

HACT is discussions with over 30 more organisations from inside and outside the social housing sector about their involvement in the social value roadmap. Those organisations taking part in the roadmap include:

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We’d love to hear from organisations wanting to join these pioneering organisations in developing the roadmap. Contact HACT Head of Social Value, Michael McLaughlin.

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Further information about the social value roadmap, as well as a Q&A session about the roadmap.

About Breyer Group

Breyer Group was originally founded as an asphalt roofing contractor by Fred Breyer in 1956 and our construction company is still family owned today and is currently managed by Tim Breyer.

With our family values still firmly in place we always put people at the heart of everything we do. It is our intention to consistently provide our residents with a positive experience when making repairs to their homes, and to actively contribute to improving the fabric of the local communities in which they live.

Whether it’s a regeneration project, a long-term programme or a multimillion pound partnering framework, we will always tailor our approach to suit the residents and the local community.

With over 400 employees and over 60 years’ experience specialising in roofing, construction, responsive repairs and maintenance, we are extremely proud to be one of the industry’s leading principle contractors, operating from our headquarters in Romford, Essex and our network of locally based offices.