11 August, 2023

2 topics, 1 research project: a case study

A case study example of what research focusing on community investment and resident engagement can look like.

Often organisations approach us with an idea of an area they want to focus on improving. In this instance, we had two different members of an organisation approach us about two different areas, community investment and resident engagement. Given there is significant overlap between these two areas, we decided that a joined up approach to the research was suitable.

What is community investment?

We consider community investment as the work that organisations do alongside and with local people and communities with the aim of helping them to thrive.  

With increasing community needs and finite available resources, it is key to understand the benefits of taking a strategic, joined-up approach to community investment activities.

What is resident engagement?

Resident engagement focuses on people, specifically, your residents and the ways in which how, how often and how effectively you engage with them.
Given the new regulations set out by The Regulator of Social Housing, the Tenant Satisfaction Measures, resident engagement is more important than ever.

Organisational and people centred approach

  • Understanding: Having a strong understanding of your organisation’s needs and goals behind the research request are vital to starting strong, which is why initial conversations focus on understanding where you are currently and where you want to get to.
  • Methodology: We involve your residents and individuals from the wider community to gain valuable insights into their feelings, perceptions and understandings both of their neighbourhood as well as your organisation and the services it offers. We engage with staff at different levels of the organisation, local community partners and members, and conducted internal document review and also considered regulatory requirements and Better Social Housing Review recommendations as part of  the approach.
  • Outcomes and next steps: By analysing data and utilising our wellbeing approach to measuring social value, we then identify pain points and areas of strength in order to propose next steps and examples of best practice relevant to your needs and goals.

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