Social Value Accelerator Toolkit - Putting the plan into action

Need help in getting started with Social Value?

If you are ready to move forward, but need support in getting started, HACT’s Social Value Accelerator Toolkit provides you with the self-service tools you need, combined with support and expertise from us, to build and develop your social value strategy.

Demonstrate the social value you make

What is social value?

Good question - Social value a way to quantify how different interventions affect people’s lives – the overall impact on people’s wellbeing, or their quality of life. It is a way of measuring the positive benefits your work has on both individuals and communities.

Understanding the different ways social value can be built into projects is key to ensuring the social value you build in to your plans has a positive tangible impact on the community.

Why measure?

By measuring the social value you create, you can evidence the impact your organisation is having on the people and communities you work with.

It will also help you to make informed decisions about how you can improve your services, with increased positive results , embedding it in everything you do in your organisation.

Why use HACT's Social Value measurement?

Developed over 10 years ago, the UK Social Value Bank contains a suite of 88 outcomes. Each outcome has a defined financial metric, which incorporates a wellbeing value, a health top up value and, where applicable, an Exchequer value (savings to the state).

The outcomes have been developed using a consistent methodology, using more than eight years of research and national data surveys. The Bank builds on person centred principles, using data on self-reported wellbeing and life circumstances measuring people’s actual experiences. This means that the values for each outcome are based on how they impact people’s lives as they live them.

3 Steps to getting started

Our self-service approach helps you create your action plan, increasing your knowledge and confidence in being able to improve services,
enhance decision-making and deliver true impact to individuals and communities.

Step 1: Diagnosis

Take the self-assessment survey to discover where you are on your journey and identify where you need to focus

Step 2: Action Plan

Receive your tailored action plan, providing recommendations for your organisation to take forward along with templates to develop a social value framework and adopt your plan.

Step 3: Expert help

You'll be provided with resources and guidance materials to develop a social impact measurement framework linked to the UK Social Value Bank. If you take up a Social Value Insight subscription, we'll make this framework is added to your account.

HACT critical friend support - HACT will be available to answer any questions you may and sense check how you have used the materials and tools. The package includes 2 x 45 mins phone or video calls to discuss queries or questions.

Discover Social Value Insight

Model, monitor and measure – all in one place.

Accessed through our platform, our Social Value Insight tool provides you with the support, advice and insights you need whether you are evidencing your social value for an ESG fund, monitoring the social value created through procurement or looking to improve your community investment services, with the tool you can:

  • measure and manage your projects all the way through, planning in social value from the outset
  • set targets, budgets and project details
  • view all your projects in one place and easily filter to find what you need
  • create meaningful reports that can be easily exported
  • use the learning journeys, bank of topic guidance and support tools to help you on your social value journey

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