18 April, 2021

All About You: a retrospective review

Cotman Housing asked HACT to evaluate their All About You project, which aimed to support carers of people with dementia to be more physically active. Over half a million people in the UK care for someone with dementia and most are not doing physical activity or sport.

Funded by Sport England and delivered in partnership with AgeUK, the project was due to run from 2018 to September 2021, but because of low participant numbers and the Covid-19 pandemic, it ended early.

Whilst the project ended early and did not generate the amount of data anticipated for evaluation, HACT completed a retrospective review based on engagement with Cotman staff through the project.

The project confirmed that there are many carers who need support but are not receiving it. Although the number of participants was low, this does not reflect a lack of interest on the part of carers. Many were receptive, indeed keen, to be more physically active. The everyday realities of caring for someone with dementia negated this desire.

Our key findings were that:

Carers are a group who need all the help they can get. It is unfortunate this project did not work as hoped, but Cotman’s experience adds to a body of evidence and will hopefully support other organisations to deliver effective services to carers.

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All About You: a retrospective review

PUBLISHED: April 2021

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