23 May, 2023

Report from HACT and Shelter Scotland shows the true impact of social value

HACT are delighted to announce the launch of the first social value report from the joint project with Shelter Scotland.

Working with leading housing and homelessness charity Shelter Scotland, HACT are delighted to have developed a new report which measures and quantifies the impact of social value. Part of a longer term project around improving social housing in Scotland in order to improve the lives of residents, this report shows the impact of the work over the first year 

The project is supported by an expert advisory group and has had input from 14 registered social landlords. In order to measure the value of the project, these landlords have been capturing the experiences of their new tenants and the changes that their new or refurbished social home has had on their lives.   

This project is the first of its kind. Rather than simply focusing on the overall savings to government, the project seeks to understand and quantify the difference made to an individual’s wellbeing. 

Though still in the early stages, the project has already identified a large amount of positive social change in several of areas of tenants’ lives, including mental health and tenants’ personal independence. 

The report also places a financial figure on the social value generated for residents – an average of £11,371 of social value per respondent. This then equates to an average of £543.96 of savings for the government per resident. 

“Social housing services in Scotland are seeing higher demand than ever before. However, the housing being available doesn’t solve the problem – there’s a need to ensure the housing on offer is providing desirable places to live for residents, not just in terms of the individual homes themselves but also the communities in which they’re located. 

“We’re delighted that we’ve been able to partner with Shelter Scotland in order to measure the real-world benefits that social value work is having on people’s lives. It’s key to remember that all social value work impacts people’s lives, it isn’t simply an exercise mandated by law or as part of a company’s ESG policies. 

“By speaking to the people living in the places involved in the project, we can truly see the impact of that work. And being able to show the true value of social value, we can ensure this informs and drives the strategy and decision-making going forward. This is a really exciting project with so much potential to change people’s lives.” 

Michael McLaughlin

Head of Social Value, HACT

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The Social Value of Social Housing


AUTHORS: Shelter and HACT

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