13 December, 2022

HACT launch data self-assessment tool for housing associations to prepare their organisation to be data-driven

The free online tool aims to help identify the gaps and adopt an action plan.

HACT have long been working with housing associations to develop and implement data-driven processes, championing the need for standardising data across the sector and why they developed and continue to drive the UK Housing data standards as the solution. Consultation of the standards is now complete, and ensuring the use of the standards is adopted and implemented across the sector is the next challenge.

The inconsistency across not just the sector but within individual organisations has a huge impact, with data being collected and collated in different ways, using different definitions resulting in the data being unusable and having a detrimental effect on the lives of their residents.  The first step is understanding where you are on the journey to being data-driven. This week, HACT launched a free tool via their online platform so an organisation can self-assess its current position and identify an action plan for how to drive improvement.

What does the self-assessment involve?

Accessed via HACT’s online platform’s digital channel through a series of simple questions, the platform will gain an understanding of an organisation’s current use and understanding of data and provide a personal action plan covering key areas, which include strategy, culture, process, systems, customers and assurance. The action plan can form the basis of your project to transform and optimise your use of data, to bring the wider organisation on board with everything in one place and a checklist to keep on track.

The self-assessment tool has been designed with data or IT colleagues in mind as a starting point for transforming their use of data across the whole organisation. However, the free and easy-to-use tool can be used by anyone in the organisation who wants to review their use of data. This could include asset management teams looking to implement the data standards or by senior teams checking in on the organisation’s position on data.

Data in social housing

HACT continues to focus on driving forward data excellence in the social housing sector.

From further requirements to provide data on damp and mould, to the golden thread of building safety, there is a real and increasing need for social housing organisations to be data led. We are delighted to launch our new data self assessment action plan to help organisations long term planning towards this.” 

Michael McLaughlin

HACT Digital Lead

The self-assessment tool is HACT’s latest development to provide accessible support for the social housing sector to focus on and optimise their use of data. The self-assessment works alongside the tools offered by HACT, which include the UK Housing Data standards and support services to help review and implement them.

Learn more about the self-assessment tool and how HACT can help with your data

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