4 January, 2021

RHP signs up to the data standards

A warm welcome to RHP, who have signed up to support the development of the resident feedback and complaints data standard.

“I’m delighted that RHP is joining HACT’s valuable data initiative. A robust understanding of data is so fundamental to the effective and safe operation of any business in the 2020s. Working in close collaboration with other housing providers to come to common conclusions and standards will benefit us all, and most importantly all of our customers.”

Matt Balantine

Head of Transformation and Technology at RHP

Version 3.4 of the UK Housing Data Standards will focus on resident feedback and customer complaints, both of which will play a critical role in enabling resident and tenant voices to be heard by housing organisations.

“We were pleased to hear that resident feedback will be a centrepiece for the next release of the UKHDS. I was clear in my review that the people who matter most in all of this are residents – who must be safe and feel safe in their homes. We welcome seeing resident feedback front and centre of this work.”

Dame Judith Hackitt

Chair of the Industry Safety Steering Group

RHP manages just over 10,000 homes and has a turnover of just over £58 million. They will be working alongside 20 other housing organisations in developing these data standards, including L&Q, MTVH, Hyde, Southern, Gentoo, Derventio, CHP, Housing Solutions, Kingdom HA, Magenta Living, Thirteen, Lewisham Homes, LB Camden, Yorkshire Housing, B3 Living, Network Homes, Home Group, Linc, LB Kingston Upon Thames and Morgan Sindall Property Solutions.

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