19 May, 2022

Open for Consultation: UK Housing Data Standards Version 3.5 Environmental & Regulatory Returns

The completed development of Version 3.5 of the UK Housing Data Standards is open for consultation

We have recently completed development of Version 3.5 of the UK Housing Data Standards that encompasses work not only on the Environmental and Regulatory Returns data model, but also a module on the BIM4HAS toolkit that has been developed by OSCRE.


The standards are created by the sector, for the sector and as such we’re pleased to now open this latest version for consultation


To ensure this process is genuinely collaborative and sector-led, we would invite you to view the work that the project group of investors from social housing organisations across the UK have developed, and submit your feedback.


What’s included


This version also includes data standards for the following use cases:

To find out what has been updated since V.3.4 (Development Handover) – Please explore the change notes – https://www.oscre.org/idm?version=idm-main-3_5rc1&content=changenotes_202109230000-3.4-Main_to_202205160000-3.5RC-Main&product=HACT

To access the interactive version of the data standards, view the standards on the OSCRE web site.

Please submit feedback on the consultation page here

Closing date for feedback is Monday 6th June.

If you have any questions please contact our Digital Lead, Michael Mclaughlin

About the Data Standards

With the Building Safety Bill recently receiving Royal Accent through UK Parliament adding to recent guidance in the Hackitt Review and Tenant Satisfaction Measures included in Social Housing White Paper providing an added onus on compliance, accountability, and transparency.  This reflects the importance across the sector being placed upon health and safety and increased customer voice.  As a tool to increase data governance, improve performance and streamline regulatory reporting in social housing organisations –

The UK Housing Data Standard aims to support the housing sector improve its data. Individually, housing providers can use the Standard to inform transformation programmes including in designing new processes and creating interface between systems, contractors, and customers

The housing data standard library is made up of the following components

UK housing data standard library:

Quick start guide

Reference data model

Data exchange standards

Implementation business case

Browse the Industry Data Model (oscre.org)

We welcome you to provide your feedback to OSCRE

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You can talk to HACT Digital Lead, Michael McLaughlin about the UK Housing Data Standards

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