19 May, 2023

Launch of a new wave of Fuel Vouchers with the HACT 2023 Fuel Fund providing residents with support beyond the cold winters.

HACT are proud to announce the latest wave of fuel vouchers to support residents in need.

Fuel poverty doesn’t just happen in the cold winter months. The need to increase energy usage in this period coupled with the crippling rise in fuel prices means the repercussions from potential debt accumulated over winter continues to be felt by residents across the whole year.

We know that the wider implications can lead to difficult choices between heating, eating and other essential everyday costs, including rent, for residents in this situation.

“The need for energy vouchers is higher than ever, and so we’re absolutely delighted Fusion21 have committed so large a sum to the fund as it will allow us to do so much good in supporting those people who really need it. By distributing this generous donation through our existing networks to social housing residents across the UK we can demonstrate the power of the sector when it acts together.”

Andrew van Doorn

HACT, Chief Executive

Following on from the huge level of support provided through their Energy Hardship Fund, HACT have now launched their 2023 Fuel Fund which allows housing associations all over the UK to access fuel vouchers for residents who are struggling to pay their energy bills at the moment.


There are two funds available – one for residents of Housing Associations in England, Wales and NI, funded this year by the Fusion21 Foundation and other generous donors, and a separate fund which HACT, along with Melville Housing, have secured for Scottish residents, both of which can make a huge difference to residents at this time.

“We’ve committed £200,000 to HACT’s 2023 Fuel Fund as it is a fantastic initiative that supports financial inclusion and resilience as well as health and wellbeing which are key funding priorities of the Fusion21 Foundation. We’ve listened to our housing association members and understand the impact the cost of living crisis is having on their tenants and we’re pleased to offer our support to their communities. The fund will provide vital support to individual tenants and make a positive difference to their lives at this challenging time.”

Jo Hannan

Head of Fusion21 Foundation

HACT has a track record of managing and administering similar fuel voucher funds, through their previous Energy Hardship Fund, distributing over £2,071,255 in vouchers to residents across the UK to support households with their heating and energy costs. The initiative was also previously shortlisted as a finalist in the UK Housing awards for Innovator of the Year Award (technology).

The latest Fuel Fund will use Family Fund to support in providing vouchers quickly and easily to Housing Associations to distribute where it is needed most to help alleviate the pressures of fuel poverty.

About Fusion21 and the Fusion21 Foundation

Fusion21 is a national social enterprise specialising in efficient and impactful public sector procurement and visible social value.

The Fusion21 Foundation was set up in 2015 as a registered charity, to help build brighter futures for the communities that Fusion21 operates in.  Since its inception in 2015, the Foundation has given over £1.6 million in grants and has committed £2 million in social investment.

The foundation has three areas of focus: Employment and Skills; Health and Wellbeing; Financial Inclusion and Resilience.


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