14 January, 2021

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership signs up to the data standards

A warm welcome to Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP), who have signed up to support the development of the resident feedback and complaints data standard.

A spokesperson for LHP said:

“As a Customer First organisation, Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) puts its customer at the heart of its decision-making process. This ensures that services are developed and built around the customer’s needs. Understanding our data around our customers and complaints is key to us improving our services through learning and the implementation of outcomes across services, preventing future issues.

In line with the new Housing Ombudsman Service’s complaint handling code, we have ensured our processes are customer-focussed and we have introduced the role of Customer First Learning Specialist, which provides us with the opportunity for the emphasis to be felt by customers in every interaction with us, thus driving up customer satisfaction and ensuring we focus where we have the greatest impact.

Being part of the HACT working group focussing on resident feedback and customer complaints will assist both LHP and the sector in having consistent and useful data to drive future services and further improve the customer experience.”

Version 3.4 of the UK Housing Data Standards will focus on resident feedback and customer complaints, both of which will play a critical role in enabling resident and tenant voices to be heard by housing organisations.

“We were pleased to hear that resident feedback will be a centrepiece for the next release of the UKHDS. I was clear in my review that the people who matter most in all of this are residents – who must be safe and feel safe in their homes. We welcome seeing resident feedback front and centre of this work.”

Dame Judith Hackitt

Chair of the Industry Safety Steering Group

LHP will be working alongside many other housing organisations in developing these data standards, including L&Q, MTVH, Hyde, Southern, Gentoo, Derventio, CHP, Housing Solutions, Kingdom HA, Magenta Living, Thirteen, Lewisham Homes, LB Camden, Yorkshire Housing, B3 Living, Network Homes, Home Group, Linc, LB Kingston Upon Thames, Morgan Sindall Property Solutions and Stonewater.

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