1 December, 2020

Leading the way in developing the Golden Thread

The latest version of the UK Housing Data Standards, which HACT launches today, will play a critical role in building safety.

“This latest version of the UK Housing Data Standards will play a critical role in building safety, ensuring data consistency across every social housing building from architect’s design to resident’s home,”

Rob Wray

Chief Innovation Officer, HACT

The value and importance of the standards have been recognised by Dame Judith Hackitt, Chair of the Industry Safety Steering Group.

“The UK Housing Data Standards will enable organisations to keep information about the way homes are constructed and how they meet the compliance regime in an accessible way that can be shared with residents and contractors alike,”

We welcome the fact that HACT has been proactively leading the way on developing the golden thread,”

Dame Judith Hackitt

Chair of the Industry Safety Steering Group

Rob Wray stated: 

“The Government’s White Paper highlights the importance of building safety. The UK Housing Data Standards provides the formative strand of every building’s digital golden thread.”

Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT added:

“As the accountable body for regulation and effective governance housing association boards need assurances that the data underpinning the measurement of performance around resident engagement and feedback is robust and consistently expressed,” Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive of HACT added. “Without data standards there is a risk that gaps in assurances will emerge. Data standards not only enable Boards to have confidence in the data that they are using to assure the regulator, but also to aid transparency and scrutiny by their tenants.”

On 10 December, we are hosting a webinarfeaturing experts from across the sector to discuss this latest iteration of the UK Housing Data Standards and to look at future iterations, including around regulatory returns.

We will also be starting the next iteration of the UK Housing Data Standards, which focuses on complaints and resident feedback this month and are hosting an orientation session about this on 3 December.

“We were pleased to hear that resident feedback will be a centrepiece for the next release of the UKHDS. I was clear in my review that the people who matter most in all of this are residents – who must be safe and feel safe in their homes. We welcome seeing resident feedback front and centre of this work.”

Dame Judith Hackitt

Chair of the Industry Safety Steering Group

Version 3.3 of the UK Housing Data Standards can be downloaded from the HACT web site.

[notes to editors]

Version 3.3 of the UK Housing Data Standards has been developed with OSCRE and 17 organisations, including B3Living, LB Camden, CHP, Gentoo, Home Group, Hyde, LB Kingston, L&Q, Lewisham Homes, Linc Cymru, Morgan Sindall Property Services, MTVH, Network Homes, Peabody, SDS, Thirteen Group and Yorkshire Housing.

Dame Judith Hackitt also stated to HACT:

“We were pleased to hear that the standards align with the objectives of the ISSG and have been developed from a stakeholder perspective. In Building a Safer Future I highlighted the importance of maintaining a spirit of collaboration and partnership. This is important in delivering consistent solutions and changing the culture of the housing sector.

Quotes from participants in the development handover data standards.

Richard Ellis, Assistant Director Asset Manager, Peabody:

“These data standards will allow housing providers to maximise the opportunities that are arising from the developments in BIM across the construction industry and enable us to harness other technology and software improvements as a sector to drive up data standards and the information required to ensure our buildings are safe.”

Rob Silverman, Head of Data Improvement Programme, Southern Housing Group:

“The Group believes that the Standard has the potential to be a game changer for the sector and are in the process of considering how to sensibly adopt it. Adopting the Standard will enable improvements in data quality and consistency levels; significantly contributing to the Group’s objective of improving how we use data to make informed decisions of ultimate benefit to our customers. We are particularly excited about the traction that HACT have established within the sector and the opportunities for collaboration with other housing associations and the potential improvements within software to facilitate the implementation of the Standard.”

Cllr Meric Apak, LB Camden’s Cabinet Member for Better Homes:

“The UK housing data standard will enable us to keep information about the way our homes are constructed and the compliance regime that keeps them safe, in an accessible way we can share with residents, contractors and government. We are delighted to be involved in this ground breaking project.”

Nigel Wilson, CEO, Gentoo:

“We believe that developing standards for our sector will enable housing providers to efficiently process and share information with our partners. Creating a consistent data model for our sector will provide a platform on which we can further effectively benchmark our performance, collaborate together to develop systems and processes, as well as enable data modelling and analytics projects. This should provide meaningful insights that will help us add value to the services we provide to our tenants. With greater regulatory focus on our management of data, the development of standards should also contribute to the assurance that our assets are well managed.”

David Harrison, Head of Data L&Q:

“L&Q is convinced that the standards are facilitating our drive to deliver housing and services better, faster and at lower cost. It is our firm conviction that this collaboration is not only good for the housing sector, but also delivers real value for participants. We have been able to leverage our participation to shorten development cycles for our own change and transformation projects in the confidence that the underlying data model is comprehensive and flexible enough to support both current and future ways of working.”

Spokesperson, Home Group:

“By implementing the data standard across all our sources of data, we can start to see a unified view. This – along with our reporting strategy ‘All data in one place, all reporting from one tool’ – just makes sense. We are all looking forward to getting involved, joining the community and helping to drive the standard forward. This is good for us all and is the right thing to do.”

Over 1,000 organisations have downloaded the data standards, ranging from the leading G15 housing associations to smaller, local organisations.

UK Housing Data Standards have been developed as a collaboration between HACT and OSCRE. Version 1.0 of the data standards included the voids and allocation process, and core customer data. Version 2.0 of the data standards included reactive repairs. Version 3.2 included care and support, asset maintenance and income and service collection. These are included within version 3.3 of the UK Housing Data Standards.

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