29 May, 2022

Northern Ireland Network: Stamping Out Antisocial Behaviour

A campaign to tackle antisocial behaviour and promote good neighbourhood relations has been launched by the NI network of the HACT Centre of Excellence in Community Investment which is made up of a range of housing and community organisations in Northern Ireland. Stamp Out Antisocial Behaviour is a collaboration between housing associations, Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (NIFHA), Police Service of Northern Ireland, HACT and the Derg Local Area Growth Partnership. Partly funded by the Policing and Community Safety Partnership.

The group has launched an animated video which will be used to prevent the emergence of antisocial behaviour in social housing schemes across Northern Ireland. The key messages of the film focus on advocating positive behaviours amongst tenants of social housing schemes that will in turn lead to more settled, connected, and safer neighbourhoods, whilst also reducing the cases of ASB reported to housing associations. The video was developed in co-operation with a range of tenants from housing associations across Northern Ireland, and their real-life experiences helped shaped the messages.

Watch the campaign video

Stamp out Antisocial Behaviour in your community

The Stamp Out Antisocial Behaviour video will be shared and promoted across social housing in Northern Ireland, as well as across the wider community. This is one of a number of pro-active steps housing providers are taking to address antisocial behaviour and encourage more positive action by tenants and neighbours.

Speaking as the video launched, Patrick Thompson, Interim Chief Executive of NIFHA, said “Each and every person deserves to live peacefully in their own home, but too often that doesn’t happen, due to inconsiderate or illegal behaviour in the local area. It doesn’t matter if it is noise or something much more dangerous, antisocial behaviour is unacceptable. It only takes one or two people acting badly to have a negative impact on a whole community, and what we want to see is a more positive action”.

“Housing Associations can and do take action against antisocial behaviour, and with this campaign we want to encourage each and every person to start to act with more consideration. And we want to let people know when to contact the relevant housing association, and that when there is illegal activity that the PSNI should be contacted.”

Andrew van Doorn, CEO of HACT added “This is a really great example of what housing associations can achieve when they collaborate. HACT’s Centre for Excellence in Community Investment supports a network of community investment practitioners in Northern Ireland, who have maximised their impact by working together to produce a clear and concise video that will spread key messages on antisocial behaviour to all new residents. Produced in consultation with residents affected by ASB and supported by key stakeholders, this is an example of collaboration done well”

Claire Conlon is a Choice Housing tenant who participated in the animation workshops. After seeing the final video she said “An excellent initiative, cooperating with other tenants from different Housing Associations highlighting the impacts of ASB on the lives of the community. I was proud to be part of the group in the process of making this brilliant video.”

The full Stamp Out Antisocial Behaviour video can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/687974914.

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