11 July, 2022

Hyde’s Universal Credit tool is free for you and your residents to use

The cost of living crisis has made the need for residents’ to successfully access Universal Credit all the more important.  

If you want to help your residents to apply for Universal Credit, then Hyde’s free tool can help. It’s a step-by-step guide. It’s easy to use. And it’s completely free for your organisation to rebrand.  

DWP reported in their Universal Credit Full Service Survey that only 54% of Universal Credit claimants can make a claim independently. This means 46% cannot make a claim without some sort of support. 25% fail to register their claim entirely. Reasons for this include a lack of digital skills, language skills or mental health issues. 

Hyde developed the tool – called the UC helper – with customers and frontline staff, and support from Catalyst and The National Lottery. It’s not only an assistance tool to help residents claim independently, but also a handy reference guide for helping customers complete a claim. It’s designed to be data light.  

Designed for residents  

Extensive research was carried out to bring this service to life. By developing personas of those in need and considering what would help best, a step-by-step guide and journey of the application process were developed. This allows residents to easily find the information on their phone or tablet (whilst also working on a desktop), managing expectations and providing a clear and easy-to-understand overview. The service also gives residents a sense to control during the application process.  

Customise for your organization 


It’s completely free to create your organisation’s own version – your organisation will get its own unique link that you can share with your staff and customers. 

Customising the tool is simple and takes only a few minutes: 

All of these steps are optional – you can customise some options and leave others if you prefer. 

To get started visit: uc-helper.co.uk/admin/welcome/1 

“With 2.5 million people moving from legacy benefits to Universal Credit in the next three year, finding innovate ways to provide guidance and support is more important than ever; there isn’t enough capacity in the system to support all those who need a helping hand. Many of our residents have told us they prefer to help themselves; the UC Helper allow them to do that, freeing up specialist advisors to focus on those who need additional support.”

Maggie Houghton

Impact & Service Development Lead , Hyde Foundation

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