1 September, 2022

The first step in owning your data and navigating the Building Safety Act with confidence

We look at how a data discovery session could help focus your organisation’s data goals and what is involved.

The quality of data held by housing providers is widely recognised as imposing significant limits on the ability to accurately understand the cost of doing business in housing. Poor data hides costs and makes meaningful analysis of many aspects of the business frustrating. It also makes sharing data between housing providers and contractors a complex task.

Added to this, the Building Safety Act will require all buildings to have a Golden Thread of data to ensure that those responsible for the building have the required information to manage building safety throughout its lifecycle.

In preparation, housing associations may have already undertaken work, including incorporating new software, developing an asset management system or maybe restructuring roles within the organisation to respond to the importance of data. Wherever a housing association is in that journey, HACT can provide support to ensure current organisational understanding and processes meet the new requirements and to participate in HACT’s ongoing data standards work as a key contributor in the consultation process. We do this through a data discovery session.

What’s involved?

Our discovery sessions are an online format, where HACT learn about current organisational processes through a schedule of meetings and document reviews. This can be tailored to the organisational needs in regard to data. The UK Housing Data Standards are broad and cover areas including both asset and customer data, but we have seen an increased need to focus on building safety specifically, with the golden thread of data in mind.

When looking at building safety specifically, documents and meeting outputs are assessed against a framework covering the entire scope of the Building Safety Act and the golden thread. This could also include a building safety readiness assessment aligned to the building safety process to date.

Standardising your process and aligning with what we know about the Building Safety Act so far will benefit both organisations and the sector as a whole. This will enable more precise returns providing better comparisons, benchmarking, and accurate risk ratings, ultimately improving operations and governance. As part of this process, we will engage your organisation in the building safety process and advise on how new regulations will impact your organisation and the sector. Along with this, we will provide all the relevant information and encourage you to provide feedback on consultations.

A report will be produced with recommendations for your current architecture, systems and processes. Most organisations will have already undertaken important work on their data and invested in skills and software. A discovery session is not designed to undermine those developments but to work with them to ensure your organisation is set up for the future and to become an active part of developing standardised data for the whole sector.

An example

Notting Hill Genesis recently completed a building safety discovery session and are currently in the process of implementing the recommendations.  The initial discovery assessed the readiness of their building safety data to meet the requirements of forthcoming legislation, and HACT were able to provide external insight to support their existing processes. This has helped Notting Hill Genesis move to a delivery phase in building safety data compliance, and they are now working through a schedule of actions.

HACTs discovery support and report have also provided a platform to shape upcoming projects, including asset lifecycle mapping and ISO 19650 implementation.

We know that data is important for any organisation, and even more so with the golden thread requirements of the Building Safety Act. Working with HACT, we were able to get an external housing data expert perspective on our current position against the requirements, and our plans for enhancements to how we manage asset data in a more standardised and accessible way. We have used the discovery exercise to support our plans for those enhancements and intend to continue to work with HACT to check again on our direction of travel”.

Jake Le Page

Head of Building Safety – Regulation, Notting Hill Genesis

A data discovery session

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