16 November, 2023

How FFBS can help your residents with the essential grant of flooring this winter

Family Fund Business Services (FFBS) – a fulfilment and grant administration service supporting organisations with their procurement needs and distributing practical support to people in need, efficient and hassle-free. Here, Victoria Hall , talks about the huge impact having something as simple as warm and effective flooring can have on the wellbeing of residents in their home and how FFBS are helping those in need this Winter.

Victoria Hall

Communications and Marketing Manager, Family Fund Business Services

Why is flooring so important?

End Furniture Poverty reports that 1.2 million people in the UK are living without flooring in their bedrooms and living areas, with the vast majority living in social housing. Flooring can be hard to afford for those on a low income, and few organisations are able to grant it. Many social housing providers remove flooring between tenants in a bid to prevent infestations and give new tenants a fresh new home. But, if tenants are on a low income, they might not be able to afford to buy new flooring and will be forced to live without it.

Landlords are not required to provide flooring outside of kitchens and bathrooms and a recent survey suggests 1.2 million people in the UK have no carpet or flooring in their bedrooms and living areas. Our new scheme has been designed to enable housing associations to provide flooring across their portfolios nationwide in the hope of easing this ongoing problem.

Living without flooring decreases the energy efficiency of homes. In fact, according to the National Housing Federation, properties without flooring can lose 15% of their heat. As winter approaches, this leaves residents with a difficult choice to make between having cold homes or unaffordable energy bills. Ongoing cold indoors could also lead to longer term impact on properties including damp and mould. Distributing energy vouchers through schemes such as HACT’s Fuel Fund can be an effective solution in combination with longer term updates such as adding flooring or window coverings to properties.

Granting carpet now will make colder months much more comfortable for beneficiaries. With energy prices remaining high, granting low-income families flooring, could be life changing.


What can FFBS help with? 

We know that making a house a home starts from the floor up, but granting flooring can be logistically challenging for housing associations. From measuring, sourcing, delivering and fitting, granting flooring places an increased administrative burden on already busy teams.

This is why Family Fund Business Services (FFBS) are proud to offer a flooring solution, and can fulfil grants for carpets and flooring alongside our existing range of white goods, household items, furniture, vouchers for food and energy and cash payments. We have partnered with Carpetright, one of the UK’s leading flooring retailers, with over 300 stores and concessions across the country, making it easy for beneficiaries to access nationwide.

“It became clear from speaking to our clients that they really want to be able to supply flooring but many of them were struggling to offer it.
The logistics of sending someone to measure a property; select appropriate, affordable options and have them supplied
and fitted is either too expensive or too much administrative
work for many social housing providers.

We are proud to offer an easy and cost-effective solution that works for Housing Associations nationwide.”

Phil Henderson

Director of Family Fund Business Services

How can I get help from FFBS?

FFBS clients can order Carpetright eGift vouchers, with a value of between £10 and £3000, through our Portal. After entering the email address of the resident, FFBS will send the voucher directly to them. These vouchers can then be redeemed in-store, or through Carpetright’s home consultants, and are valid for 90 days.

If you think we could help your organisation grant flooring to residents this winter, get in touch at businessdevelopment@familyfundservices.co.uk to find out more.

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