Unlock net zero/ Homes UK 2022

Across the sector, organisations are developing strategies and plans to deliver on their commitment towards net zero carbon. Our focus is on supporting the sector with our expertise, for both its short-term needs and longer-term objectives.

Take a look at how we'll be sharing our thoughts and ideas at Unlock Net Zero this year. 

Our speakers at the event

Defining net zero: standardising language to influence true behaviour change

Wed 23-Nov-2022
10:15 - 11:00
Unlock Net Zero arena

with Jacqui Bateson, Managing Director

Housing safety and wellbeing – taking a strategic approach to tackling multiple priorities

Wed 23-Nov-2022
10:30 - 11:15
Future homes and places (Aico stage)

with Andrew van Doorn, Chief Executive

Procurement with purpose: how social value can deliver on the green skills agenda

Thu 24-Nov-2022
11:30 - 12:15
Fusion21 Procurement with Purpose

with Dr Robert Sugden

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Antoine Pellet

Customer Relationship Lead | Retrofit credits

Andrew van Doorn

Chief Executive

Jacqui Bateson

Managing Director

Lara Phelps

Head of Customer Relationships

Robert Sugden

Head of Communities


RETROFIT CREDITS, developed by HACT and Arctica Partners, is a carbon credits scheme that unlocks additional funding into social housing retrofit by verifying the emission reductions and social value of retrofit projects   combining the Net Zero Goal with an intrinsic part of the sectors DNA. 

  • It is UK-based, only the second verified scheme to be so.  
  • It is the only project in the world originating carbon credits for the decarbonisation of housing stock. 
  • It incorporates social value, measuring the positive impact retrofit has on residents’ lives.  

Who benefits?

Social housing organisations, residents, communities, buyers and the environment all benefit from RETROFIT CREDITS.


Intrigued? Take a look at how to get involved.

New white paper: A Just Green Transition

How the housing sector can deliver sustainable communities alongside sustainable homes.

Amidst the cost of living crisis, retrofit programmes may have been deprioritised and yet the climate crisis is still an urgent one.

Supported by BuildEast: The Future of Housing Fusion21 , PlaceShapers and Tpas England, this white paper identifies six principles housing associations should incorporate into their sustainability strategy, so that the investment made into making homes sustainable results in sustainable communities.

Read more and download the full report below.

Download the full 'A Just Green Transition' report

Social value and sustainability

Social value is at the heart of our work we do as a social housing sector, how can we ensure that our social value and sustainability goals and strategies are aligned?

Discover how we can help you ensure you continue making a positive impact whilst you strive to meet your net-zero goals!

Social Value Insight

- Measure the social and environmental impact of the work you do through improvements to an individual’s wellbeing
- Measure the impact your work has in the real world, it can then be applied to your decision-making to create a more impactful and sustainable organisation
- Understand and demonstrate the savings your activities make to the state

Social value services

Wherever you are on your social value journey, we are here to help ensure your social value strategy is working for you and your residents.
Discover our suit of support services and how we can best support you.

UK Social Value Bank

The new UK Social Value Bank is now available, with updates to the outcomes that are designed around the individual. Although the outcomes are aligned with a monetary figure, the methodology and evidence require a focus on individual experience rather than statistics. With that in mind, environmental outcomes were added to the UK Social Value Bank to reflect better the social impact that green initiatives can have on individuals. If you're a social housing association, the bank is free to access, click the link below to request access today!

Learn more about how HACT can help you measure your social value

Learn more

Tools for your journey to net zero

Understand your communities

Using Community Insight, you can identify which of your local communities are struggling with environmental challenges. You can also use it to identify homes in fuel poverty.

Get your data right

Data is the starting point for our journey to net zero carbon. Join us in developing version 3.5 of the UK Housing Data Standards focusing on environmental data. The UK Housing Data Standards are the foundation for organisations looking to improve data governance and quality.

UK Social Value Bank

Use the new social value bank to inform and monitor your net zero strategy and to measure its social impact. In 2022, we will be releasing the first ever suite of environmental values, as part of our social value roadmap.

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