Social value roadmap

The social value roadmap will help you improve services, enhance decision-making and increase the impact you make.

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Social Value Roadmap

Launched in September 2020, The Social Value Roadmap is a collaborative project involving more than 45 organisations from the social housing sector and beyond to transform the future of social value in the social housing sector.

Together we have already made incredible progress and we want to share that with everyone so we put together a short video to highlight the amazing achievements to date!

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The future of social value

In 2020, we launched our social value roadmap to transform the use of social value in the social housing sector and beyond.

We have almost completed stage 1 of the roadmap – expanding and enhancing the values in the UK Social Value Bank – and are currently developing the use cases in stage 2. In 2022, we will be launching a new, dynamic online environment so you can model, monitor and measure your social impact.

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The roadmap: Stage 1

The first stage of the roadmap is to expand and enhance the UK Social Value Bank, so that it includes wellbeing, Exchequer and environmental values. We have now completed updating and enhancing the wellbeing values, have created new Exchequer values and are currently finalising the first ever set of environmental social values.

The roadmap: Stage 2

The second stage of the roadmap is to create tools and resources for a range of use cases to aid the implementation and good practice of the UK Social Value Bank. These will include community investment, procurement and ESG reporting. We will also be working with supporters to review the social value of a tenancy, as well as looking at tools to project and measure value for money, development and regeneration, and resident engagement.

The roadmap: Stage 3

The third stage of the roadmap is to develop a range of services so that the UK Social Value Bank can be used across the business of social housing. These will include assurance services, audit and certification, an approach to excellence, as well as benchmarking.


Over 45 organisations are developing the social value roadmap with us.

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The new UK Social Value Bank

We’re proud to have been pioneers in measuring social value for the past 10 years, through the development of the wellbeing approach with the UK Social Value Bank and calculators, to the hundreds of organisations we have supported through their journey with the services we offer.

And the innovation continues, with the launch of the New UK Social Value Bank and Social Value Insight tool.

The expanded and enhanced UK Social Value Bank will enable you to measure your social and environmental impact through improvements to wellbeing and savings made to the state, and use the information to:

  • improve services
  • enhance decision-making
  • increase the impact you make

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