22 November, 2022

The H factor: Hope, health, and happiness

An evaluation of the social prescribing service at whg

whg has a long history of investing in health and wellbeing interventions, running a programme of initiatives since 2008 including: Walking Football Clubs, Breakfast Clubs in local schools, Community Gardens, Waste Away (weight loss programme) and Nifty over Fifty (encouraging movement in older life). However, a review in 2019 identified the limitations of these small-scale and isolated programmes and the potential impact that could be achieved by a joined-up programme of support. This led to the development of the Social Prescribing Service, which whg launched in early 2020, shortly before the pandemic.

In line with the objectives for whg’s health and wellbeing strategy, ‘The H Factor’, the Social Prescribing Service has focused on communities with significant levels of financial deprivation and heath inequalities. As a result, the service has predominantly served those living in Walsall, but not exclusively so.

With a need to evidence and evaluate the impact of the service in order to support service development and growth, whg commissioned HACT to work collaboratively to:

This report follows that journey and shares the impact that the Social Prescribing Service has had on the wellbeing of service users, the direct social value created by the service, along with the significant impact of the Social Prescribing Service on reducing pressures on primary care.

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The ‘H’ Factor: Hope, health and happiness

PUBLISHED: November 2022


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