28 June, 2023

Transformation depends on collaboration

HACT, along with Breyer Group,  recently participated in an Inside Housing roundtable to discuss how by working together, stakeholders can shape strategic long-term plans that respond to local needs and deliver real and lasting change.

We were delighted to take part in a recent Inside Housing Roundtable with Breyer Group and a host of key individuals in a fantastic discussion looking at what it takes to make true, lasting change in communities and how, by coming together and collaborating for the long-term, real change can be achieved.

“Collaboration needs to actually happen across multiple places and systems.
We have to work all of those levels, and use resources in different ways,
to achieve the right collaboration and change.

The key to making this a success is not necessarily leaders, but the “brokers and enablers”
within each organisation who can facilitate connections.
Without those brokers and enablers, that won’t happen. We need to shift the culture.”

Andrew van Doorn (OBE)

Chief Executive, HACT

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PUBLISHED: 28 June 2023

AUTHORS: Inside Housing