20 February, 2024

Intergenerational England Leads Intergenerational Housing Steering Group in Collaboration with HACT, Clarion, HousingLIN and Sovereign Network Group

Intergenerational England has initiated the creation of an Intergenerational Housing Steering Group (IHSG), joining forces with leading housing organisations HACT, Clarion, Clarion Futures, HousingLIN and Sovereign Network Group (SNG)

Recognising the growing importance of intergenerational initiatives across the housing sector, the collaboration aims to spearhead a transformative strategy for widespread acknowledgment and measurement of the tangible impact and benefits.

Whilst there is growing recognition of social value in intergenerational projects, there is still no standardised industry-wide technique for measuring the impacts. The newly formed steering group aims to fill this gap by developing an innovative action plan and a user-friendly toolkit. The overall aim of the IHSG is to elevate the status of intergenerational activities within the housing sector, generating increased cross-sector awareness and value.


The collaboration’s primary objectives include:

Development of an action plan: The steering group will work collaboratively to formulate a comprehensive action plan that not only emphasises the significance of intergenerational connections but also outlines clear steps to enhance the overall impact.

Creation of a simple toolkit: A user-friendly toolkit will be crafted to facilitate the measurement of social value, ensuring a streamlined data collection process. This toolkit and new social value will be an invaluable resource for housing practitioners, enabling evidence-based approaches in their intergenerational initiatives.


Charlotte Miller, Co-Founder of IE said:

“Intergenerational value recognises the enduring positive outcomes that connections across generations and integrated housing practices can bring to individuals and communities. These benefits encompass enhanced community cohesion, improved well-being, and a stronger sense of belonging. Our collaboration with Clarion, HACT and Sovereign Network Group is poised to usher in meaningful change by establishing a new industry standard toolkit. By pooling our collective experience, resources, and expertise, we aim to actively drive adoption and utilisation of these resources, making a genuine impact in the intergenerational space.”


Emily Abbott, Co-Founder of IE added:

“Irrespective of age, humans are inherently wired for connection. Measuring the social value within intergenerational housing offers a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted benefits that arise from fostering connections between different age groups within housing communities.


Sarah Mitton, Age Friendly Communities Manager at Clarion Futures (the charitable foundation of Clarion Housing Group) said:

“We’re committed to continuing on our journey to creating age connected communciites, finding ways to bring people together in the places that connect them and through the issues that affect them. Working with partners on this new Intergenerational Housing Steering Group will help us highlight the benefits of intergenerational connects and find ways to mesure the positive impact connecting generations can have on creating strong, resilient neighbourhoods.”


Matthew Grenier, Business Development Director, HACT said:

“We’re delighted to be working with Intergenerational England, Clarion Futures and Sovereign Network Group on this critical initiative that will enable organisations working across intergenerational activities to measure the long-term transformational impact. HACT has pioneered intergenerational projects, as well as social value measurement, and the Intergenerational Housing Steering Group will enable us to use this expertise and experience for the ultimate benefit of residents across different age groups across the UK..”


Lois Beech, Consultancy and Partnerships Manager, HousingLIN said:

“From nurseries located in older people’s housing to home-sharing or co-living arrangements across generations, we know that intergenerational activities within the housing sector can offer opportunities for social interaction and support, however the benefits aren’t always evidenced. The Housing LIN is thrilled to be part of this Steering Group and we look forward to bringing our knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap in measuring and demonstrating the impactful outcomes of intergenerational initiatives within the housing sector”


Andrew Cooper, Head of Partnerships and Funding at SNG said:

“At SNG, we understand that our homes are just a part of what makes somewhere a good place to live. Our commitment to the communities our customers live in means addressinging their needs across their demographic characteristics. We know connecting across generations is important and are pleased to be working with Intergernational England partners so we can measure the impact of intergenerational activities.”

The Intergenerational Housing Steering Group invites housing professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders to join and actively engage in this transformative initiative. For further details please contact: emily@intergenerationalengland.org