17 January, 2024

Framework Focus: an E-Learning Platform for community engagement, by Community Organisers

Delivering real and impactful community value is the real challenge that social housing associations and their partner organisations are facing today. To do this, these organisations need to be well equipped in understanding the communities in which they operate. 

National charity Community Organisers have developed an e-learning tool, Framework Focus, that aims to empower individuals and organisations to engage with their communities. The tool has a free course, “Reach”, that can help maximise engagement in order to create impactful change. 

Who are Community Organisers? 

Community Organisers are a leading organisation and charity who aim to provide support and training to individuals looking to effectively organise their communities to bring about positive change. 

Their work falls into 3 core pillars: training, support, and action. 

Training: through the National Academy of Community Organising, quality assured training courses and nationally recognised qualifications are delivered to individuals and organisations who want to learn more about the theory and practice of community organising.   

Support: the Community Practitioners’ Network provides support to community workers of all kinds through expert-led webinars, Practice Support Circles and wider conversations. Members also get a free copy of the book ‘Community Organising Compared’. 

Action: the charity also supports and promotes a number of local, regional and national campaigns led by its membership. For example, a recent campaign called the Cost of Living Alliance seeks to build an evidence base and call for change around food poverty and related issues. 


What is Framework Focus? 

Launched in September 2023, Framework Focus is an E-learning Platform that aims to teach individuals how to listen to communities, develop leaders, and build power. 

The backbone of Framework Focus is the Community Organising Framework, essentially the manifesto that drives the ethos of Community Organisers. Delving into different facets of community organising, participants are equipped with practical tools and techniques, enabling them to navigate the landscape of community engagement, leadership development, and power-building. 

“Reach”, the first course in the series, centres around working out who your community is and ways to connect with it, what potential conscious and unconscious barriers could prevent you from engaging with your community, and how to circumnavigate them. 


How can it help? 

This organised and accessible approach to community engagement can lead to tangible social impact. It follows two case studies that are using the Community Organising Framework in their approach to engagement. 

One example of successful community engagement is Octopus Communities, a network of 15 community centres in Islington with a focus on health and wellness, and the Operation Wifi campaign, a digital initiative addressing data poverty championed by housing associations. 

The success of this campaign resulted in the creation of the National Databank, providing data to households in need, demonstrating the adaptability of the Community Organising Framework’s ability to drive tangible change. 


Can I get Involved? 

Very easily, their first course, Reach, is free to use and available now. 

There are other courses available which you can discount by 15% by using the code HACT15.  

Building links with your community is a crucial step towards working collaboratively towards positive change.

Check out Reach here. https://elearning.corganisers.org.uk/p/framework-focus-reach